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How To Change The Flowering Cycle Back To The Vegetative Stage or Cycle

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How To Change The Flowering Cycle Back To The Vegetative Stage or Cycle

Cannabis Grow Guide Part 1

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Cannabis Grow Guide Part One; You don’t need a large area to cultivate your cannabis plants. A modest tent, cabinet, designated place in a spare room, or even an empty part of the house, is common for small-scale producers. Here are some pointers to get you started.

New Weed Bag Seed Forget About It

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I just did a 4 month grow with new weed bag seed; you can forget about using bag seed from modern weed.

All the plants started flowering under 24 hour light.

All the plants grew small buds and the weed sucked.

I’ve been traveling in my 2001 Chevy Express High Top Conversion van with Ricky, my 4 year old American Bulldog/Staffordshire Terrier mix, for the past year which has been really great. We’ve done over 15,000 miles and visited 23 states. I’m stuck […]

What Size Pot Is Best To Grow Pot

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Just so you know, weed will grow in anything if you take care of it but I know what size is best for growing pot. Of course we're talking about stealth growing indoors at home. If you have a 8' sidewall greenhouse then you can use just about any size you want.

Marijuana Clones

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Watch this new video that shows how I make clones.

Lately, our clone success rate has been 99% (20% higher than Avg), and it’s specifically related

  • to using our soil mix
  • and watering with our nutrient mix versus using plain water

The mixes have even proven successful with 1″ cuttings. When using just a plain peat mix and water, we didn’t even try with cuttings that small anymore; we learned our lesson.

Pick out good looking […]

Male Cannabis VS Female

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2 Best Ways to Tell the Difference between Male Cannabis VS Female. If you’re growing marijuana from regular seed, you must determine who the male and female plants are.


As explained in this article; one way to sex your plants is to start the flowering cycle after your plants have grown a couple sets of leaves.

  1. Grow your seedlings until they have 2 sets of leaves; approximately 8” tall using the veg light cycle of […]

Great Way to Dry Weed Fast

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I needed a great way to dry weed fast. When I say fast I’m talking about 30 minutes to 2 hours.

I’m always picking fresh buds from my girls cause I never save enough to last me until the next crop is ready. Or I’ll lose a mother and have to start from seed which adds a few weeks to the, I’ll be able to start getting samples time.

And there is nothing worse than trying to smoke […]

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