We recommend 5-7 gal pots


Update:  April 23, 2020

But just so you know, weed will grow in anything if you take care of it. Of course we’re talking about growing inside. We don’t like using pots outside above ground unless you can keep your eyes on them. It’s very difficult to keep track of watering during the summer months and they can dry out so fast because of the heat and air, one missed watering could ruin your plants.




If you don’t have any restrictions about bulk or height, at this time we recommend using 7 gal fabric grow pots when growing indoors.


The 7 gal pot will allow your plant to grow into a full and manageable size but you must have sufficient height as these plants can grow into your lights hanging from the ceiling.


For example; if you have an 8′ ceiling and you’re using hooks and hangers, your lights will hang down about 8″ from the ceiling.  A modern LED light is about 8″ thick so the bottom of your light will be about 6-1/2 feet from the floor.


You really have to be careful how close you allow your plants to get to the lights. In this scenario, if the goal is to keep your plants 18″ away from the lights (which could be too close for your strain), you have to keep your plants under 5′ in height other wise they’ll be too close and most likely will be stressed. You never know what will happen when a weed plant is stressed; from herming to stunting and everything in between.


Generally speaking your plants will almost double in height after flowering commences growing on their own.


Your choice in this case is topping the plant early in the veg cycle which will encourage your plant to grow bushier versus straight up or starting the flowering cycle early which gives you an overall shorter and smaller plant.


Let me explain further; because you’re growing indoors most likely in a spare room or your basement, you probably have height limitations. Thus, your veg cycle will be shorter because you have to control the height. Because of this you don’t need a larger pot. If you have unlimited height then a larger pot would benefit you.


The 5 gallon pot is the perfect size for a stealth grower when the size of the plant must be somewhat limited. It just about fits anywhere and you’ll grow great plants. Just remember that fabric pots will leak. For sure you need a saucer underneath them. To really keep it clean I put the fabric pot in a 6 gal plastic pot during watering.


After the water settles in a short while I’ll take it out and put it on it’s saucer. It’s always best to have the fabric pot out in the open as much as possible.


These are the products I use to grow the best weed.



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      Thank you for sharing the best pot size to grow the best pot. a very informative article. Worth sharing and reading.

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