We recommend 5-7 gal pots

But just so you know, weed will grow in anything if you take care of it. Of course we’re talking about growing inside. We don’t like pots outside above ground. It’s too difficult to keep track of watering during the summer months and they dry out so fast, one missed watering will ruin your plants. They have to be in the ground or  you could actually dig a hole slightly bigger than the pot and drop it in there but you still have to watch it closely.


If you don’t have any restrictions about size, at this time we recommend using 7 gal pots. We know, they’re big and the size makes it a little harder to determine when to water and they take up more space but the size of the plants are awesome.

The larger the pot, the more complex the root system, the thicker the stems, the bigger the buds. Yes, there are exceptions to everything but that’s what they are, exceptions and you can expect what is described herein. Of course there are many other factors involved; available lumens, heat, humidity, pests, nutrients etc… that can and will affect yield no matter what size pot you use.

We have discontinued using plastic pots; except for seedlings. We now use fabric pots or fabric pot liners for all our plants and truth be told, fabric is like the magic nutrient snake oil salesmen have been fooling people with for years (no such thing-your plants only need certain nutrients and can take only so much).

We started with fabric pots but are now switching to fabric liners. We like fabric liners so much, we will be starting our own line.

You get the best of both worlds. Most fabric pots sold today are not only expensive, they leak too! With all the lights, timers and cords laying around your grow room, you don’t need a flood of water on the floor and that’s what can happen with the typical fabric pot.

Using pot liners in your plastic pot; one long, rectangle liner for the side and one round liner for the bottom, you’ll get the root pruning that has been proven to increase size and yield,  plus the protection the plastic pot offers keeping your floor nice and dry.

We make our own fabric liners using a fabric made from recycled, two liter bottles. In fact, we believe in them so much, so we will have our own line of fabric liners for sale under the Pot Potz brand. Stay tuned for more information.


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