Never Have Nutrient Deficiencies Growing Cannabis Again: I don’t know anything about nutrient deficiencies because I don’t have any and if you follow my advice you will never have them again too. If you read my soon to be released Kindle grow book, “GRO Your Own at Home – How to Grow Weed Indoors”, you won’t find any chapters about nutrient deficiencies because using the soil mix I recommend along with Dyna-Gro nutrients solve ALL your problems.

Before getting into that remember to check you PH if you are having problems. IMO your plants will reach their potential with a PH of between 6.0 to 6.5 being closer to 6 then 6.5.

Look through this website, if you have some nutrient problems, you’ll have to go the 420 forum to get the help you need. It’s a great place to hang around when you’re a rookie grower.

I’ve done many years of indoor grows without any Nutrient Deficiencies . Of course it took me about 15 years to get to this point trying every conceivable combination of soil and nutes before evolving to where I am now.

The easy part is using Dyna-Gro. Ever since I heard Doctor Dave from Dyna-Gro in an interview about marijuana and nutrients on YouTube, my problems ended. Full Disclaimer:  I don’t get a penny for saying this. They have good stuff and it’s easy to use.

For the vegetative stage, I use Foliage Pro and Pro TeKt. 5 ml in each gallon of water I use. Simple.

For the flowering stage, I use Bloom every watering and Mag-Pro every other watering along with Pro TeKt. I’ll start the flowering nutrients about two weeks before I actually change the lights to 12/12.

To say I spent 15 yrs trying to come up with a perfect soil mix would not be an understatement. I tried every conceivable option over the years and evolved into this mixture. I’ve only used it with Dyna-Gro so use it with something else at your own risk.

You can mix your own soil using these ingredients.

  1. 2.8 cubic feet size bag or bale of Pro-Mix Mycorrhizae
  2. 16 quarts of Black Gold (worm compost)
  3. About 6 quarts of Perlite


I STRONGLY recommend if you’re growing indoors in soil, try this soil mix and nutrient combination. Instead of spending time on the forum or searching Google asking why do my leaves have brown spots, you can spend your time practicing putting or chipping.

I love to read/answer you comments and questions.

These are the products I use to grow the best weed just in case you don’t want to spend hundreds buying it from your dealer or store