What Happened When People All Over the World Learned How to Grow Their Own Marijuana?

They all had pesticide FREE weed for less then a buck per gram



“GRO Your Own at Home – How to Grow Weed Indoors” is the brand new Kindle grow book written by Vincent Press.

From seed to harvest, Vincent’s new grow book translates the mountain of “mumbo-jumbo” about growing Marijuana into an easy to read eBook anyone can use to grow their own.

Does smoking, vaping, cooking, and eating pesticide free marijuana with a cost of about $1 per gram interest you? Then for sure keep reading.

Vincent Press, a veteran grower, has packed his 36 years of growing experience into his latest grow book “GRO Your Own at Home – How to Grow Weed Indoors”.

Vince tackles all of these questions and more:

  • Where should I grow and how to set up the grow room
  • How do I get seeds and the best way to germinate them
  • Auto flower, regular or feminized seeds-what should I use
  • Should I use clones
  • What is the best soil mix to use
  • What are the best nutrients
  • How to water my plants
  • What are the best lights to use
  • Should I use LED’s
  • What is GLR (Gaslight Routine)
  • How to handle mold and bugs
  • When should I harvest
  • How to get the best yield and biggest plants fast
  • How do I cure marijuana
  • Why do I hate those red cups everyone uses

Vince finally spills the beans: After years of testing and retesting trying to find the perfect soil mix and nutrient combination, Vince discovered the EXACT formula to use and his plants have been almost perfect ever since. He breaks it all down in his easy to read and follow eBook

Everything he uses is easily found locally or online and his GRO Your Own Soil Mix is easy to replicate.