I’ve been growing weed for over 42 years and can say this with complete clarity; Auto Flower and Feminized Cannabis Seeds Suck. I have never had any problem with my plants using regular seeds. When I say regular, I mean not auto flower or feminized seeds.

My plants were always robust and I could clone the hell out of them; 3 generations at least before I noticed less quality weed.

For the past 6 years or so I’ve been trying auto flower and feminized seeds and I’m not impressed. In fact, I see no reason for anyone to use modified seeds.


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If modified seeds grow smaller plants, are sensitive as all hell and they can’t be cloned, why bother using them? The ONLY benefit is saving time, about 15-25 days of your initial grow time, that’s it. Most importantly, after your first grow and you have weed on hand, what’s the difference? A few more days isn’t going to kill you.

If the only benefit is time, why are modified seeds so prevalent?  So prevalent, some seed companies only sell modified seeds.

Since you can’t clone a plant grown from modified seeds, (feminized seeds will produce clones that suck even worse) can you see why no one wants to sell regular seeds anymore? (Please don’t tell me you can clone feminized plants and I won’t call you stupid).

Roughly speaking, if I grow 10 plants from regular seeds, I’ll take ten clones about one month before I start to flower the original plants. This will give me 20 plants in the veg cycle. After about another month, I’ll start flowering the original 10 and keep the 10 clones’ vegging.

After another month goes by, I’ll harvest the original 10 plants, take another 10 clones from the original set of clones and start flowering the original clones. Now I have 10 plants flowering and 10 vegging.

So you can see, in just a few months using $100 in regular seeds, I’ll have 30 plants; 10 harvested and 20 still growing. I could go on to one more generation if I wanted to.

Compare that to a modified seed grow; you’d have 10 plants, that’s it.

Thirty plants of indoor grown weed will net you at least 45 ounces of weed and could be as much as 75 ounces depending on your skill and the amount of time you’re willing to give your plants.,

So the question remains, who really benefits from modified seeds? If you think it’s the grower, I have a bridge for sale I think you’d be interested in.