Who Can Eat Just One Of Something? When I say marijuana edibles and my problem, I’m talking about cookies or brownies because this is what I’ve made myself over the past few years. I haven’t tried a gummy yet.

In 1974 I made weed brownies once by dumping about an ounce of clean weed into the brownie mix. My memory could be a little off but I’m pretty sure everyone who ate some got nailed including my mother.

I had a pizza place in a camping/resort area in PA back then and my mother came out on weekends to help. I made the brownies in the kitchen and left the pan on a counter to cool. About an hour later my mother is asking me what did I put in the brownies because she felt weird.


I start by making marijuana butter and use the butter with the cookie or brownie mix.

The cookies and brownies always are delicious and potent where in lies the problem. I can NEVER eat just one of anything let alone a chocolate chip cookie or a fudge brownie right out of the oven.

When I eat a freshly baked cookie still warm from the oven, it’s just second nature to eat another one and maybe even one more after that.

For me, eating two or three weed cookies within a couple of minutes just about knocks me out in about an hour or so. I feel nauseous, almost like being sea sick or having a hangover.

My solution to this problem; have regular cookies and brownies made too. This way you can eat one or one in a quarter infused cookie (my dose) then gorge on the regular ones. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

All edibles should be sold with a like, NON-infused version for gorgers like myself.

Eating too much is basically harmless. In my case I feel terrible because of the nauseousness but I sleep for a couple hours and then wake up feeling fine.

Yea, I know, I have absolutely no self control but I have a solution so I’m good.