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You will grow larger, healthier and more sturdy plants using fabric pots.

The jury is back with their ruling and they agree, switching to a fabric pot is like finding a magic nutrient that you can feed your plant  every day and grow humongous plants.

Your plant roots, when grown in a plastic pot, continually grow ending up in long strands which get longer and longer wrapping themselves around each other and circling the inside of the pot. Over the course of a 4 month grow, that’s a lot of root growing into one big ball of knotted fibers.

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This ball of root does continue to do it’s job but only at about 69% efficiency because of the root length and the binding together of the fibers.

When a fabric pot is used, I use Smart Pots, your roots grow freely reaching the fabric walls. When the root contacts the fabric wall, it continues fractionally into the fabric than prunes itself against the fabric.

This is much better than continually growing, circling and knotting up as in a plastic pot.

By pruning itself, your plant continually makes new root fibers promoting a more vigorous and faster-growing plant. New roots absorb quicker supplying all the good stuff from your soil mix  throughout the plant faster and more efficiently.

You can have the best lights, soil mix, and nutrients and still not get 100% of your plant’s potential growth, yield, and quality. Switching to a fabric pot will allow you to get the absolute max out of your grow set-up.

The only trouble with fabric pots, and we’ve tried a couple different brands, they leak. If you’re using them outside, that’s no big deal; but inside, it’s a mess.

To solve that problem, place your Smart Pots inside  your plastic pots. Makes watering a whole lot easier and mess free. Most of you have plastic pots already so fabric and plastic is a win win combination. If you’re new to growing, it will cost about $6 for a 6 gal plastic pot and if you have the extra dough, I strongly recommend this expense.

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