The price of 1000 WATT LED lights are so reasonable it should be the minimum light of choice for indoor growers


You can’t go wrong buying at least a 1000 W LED light.

The cheap imports are priced so low you can’t say no.

Even the top quality lights are coming down in price, (not enough for me to use though).

LED’s are great for growing your own at home. You’ll get a shorter great yielding bushier plant that fit great in small or large spaces.

The older style LED does cast a weird shadow so you want to think about blocking windows that face out where any passer by could see.

I’m trying out new models of LED that feature more of a white light. I’m using the Mars TS 1000. I think this Mars 1000 LED is just about the best deal I’ve found for a good light:


These are the products I use to grow the best weed just in case you don’t want to spend hundreds buying it from your dealer or store