It’s okay to change your mind about pot use because your opinion has been based on information produced and paid for by the alcohol and pharmaceutical industries for the past 50 years and more recently the prison industry has been kicking in even more bullshit.

The marijuana laws of the United States could be the biggest scam in American politics; if that’s even possible


You do understand why they do this don’t you? Legal weed cuts into their profits.

Everything you’ve read demonizing marijuana for either medicinal or recreational use has been created by lobbyists hired specifically to work against all forms of marijuana acceptance and legalization. These are the same type of lobbyist hired by the tobacco industry for example.

Both industries promote the fact less and misleading content under false pretenses and even worse; they provide all this bullshit to politicians. Listen to any politician talk about weed. They hit every talking point alcohol and big pharma pays them to (in the form of donations).

The smart companies have already done their due diligence and are ready to expand into the legal weed market. The dumb companies are still fighting spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying to sway your opinion with myth-based propaganda so you won’t vote to legalize it.

But you know what’s even more disgusting and insulting to all Americans? This all started because President Richard Nixon wanted to punish hippies and black people. In the late 60’s and early 70’s, the demonstrations against the Vietnam War as well as Black Americans demonstrating for their civil rights were a daily occurrence all over the country.


NOTE: The racist overtones and laws about marijuana actually started in the early 1900’s. First against Mexicans and shortly there after against Black Americans. The laws have nothing to do with Marijuana itself; only with the people who use it.


This bugged Nixon to no end and he and his White House staff knew they couldn’t make being a hippie or a black person illegal so they concocted the plan to change marijuana to a Schedule 1 drug claiming it was for the health and safety of Americans. In reality, it was changed so law enforcement could start harassing and arresting hippies and black people.

Alcohol and Big Pharma said Thank You Mr. President and have been hard at work for 50 years thinking of every possible way to convince you to believe that somehow, legal marijuana will be the end of civilization as we know it.

Since it’s still illegal, they have done their job remarkably well and sadly, they have pulled the wool so far over your eyes, you actually believe their bullshit.

Let’s face the truth; people want to alter their personalities and get high. It’s been that way for hundreds of years and as far as I can tell, it’s not going to change anytime soon.

Please, tell me. What’s the rationale behind allowing individuals the right to consume alcoholic beverages to get high? Is it personal freedom; or is it because most people can consume alcohol somewhat responsibly? Without question, alcohol is the most dangerous drug in the world yet it’s perfectly legal.

Those points alone call for instant marijuana legalization with a stroke of a pen.

What’s the connection between Big Pharma and weed legalization?

Marijuana, in some instances, can do what a legal pharmaceutical does much safer and cheaper too. Safer you say? There aren’t any deaths to be found attributable to marijuana. Not just this year or last year, but in recorded history!

For instance; marijuana could possibly be the best cure for insomnia.  Weed is safer than any man made chemical remedy and if your Doctor tells you you’re better off using a sleeping pill or an off the shelf remedy, you need a new Doctor.

How sure am I? I hereby prescribe marijuana to all insomniacs. My prescription is for smoking or vaping it 5 minutes before bed. I do not prescribe eating or drinking anything with THC for insomnia relief; that’s just wasteful!

If you drink alcohol or use a prescribed medication for insomnia, pain, restless leg syndrome, anxiety, nausea, depression or a host of other ailments, please vote yes to all forms of marijuana legalization, especially in Ohio. The same relief or buzz you get from alcohol or a prescribed pharmaceutical is the same relief I get from weed.


What’s the rational for preventing me from using my chosen form of relief?


Keeping marijuana illegal is sophomoric, racist and downright stupid.