The UN-scientific results are in; smaller pots produce decent sized buds.

Even though we recommend 5-7 gal pots for awesome plants with big root systems and huge buds and yields, not everyone has the space for them inside so we did a small grow using a 2-1/2 gal pot.smaller pots to grow weed indoors

The yellow pot is a 2-1/2 gal pot. The black pot is a 6 gal and the white pot is a 6-1/2 gal.

NOTE: Sorry about the crappy image; only one we have and at the time, didn’t think about publishing anything about pot sizes.

As you can see, the size of the bud and the height of the plants are practically identical.The plant in the smaller pot grew about the same as her larger pot sisters; the bud size was similar and they were just as potent and sticky too.

One thing that you can’t see; the lower branches which were harvested already. The larger pots had twice as many branches with twice as many buds so you will miss out on the production from the lower branches.

Your gross yield will be lower for sure but it is still worth your while so even if you don’t have the room for the large pots, you’ll do okay.

NOTE: our soil mix and nutrient schedule remains the same but you will be using less water.


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