Watering your indoor pot plants can be the toughest thing to figure out when you’re a newbie growing your own weed.

We think the best way to determine when to water is by the weight of the pot. Get a good feel for the weight of the pot you use full of your dry soil mix. It should feel fairly light. Use a scale if you have to.

Pot buds in glass jars

Be careful when watering

Water your dry soil mix until the water starts draining out of the holes in the bottom of the pot. Remember how much water it took and get a good feel for the weight of your pot after it’s watered. As the root system grows the plant will use more water.

For example; we use 6 or 10 gal pots. It takes from 1 to 1-1/2 gals of water for the 6 gal and from 1-1/2 to 2 gals for the 10 gal pot. Pour the water until it starts draining from the bottom. Water is heavy, about 8.8 pounds per gal so you’ll feel the weight of the water. You’ll know when to water again when the pot is much lighter but don’t let it get as light as the pot with just the dry mix.

You could even keep a pot with just dry mix and use that to compare the weight of your plants.

Pot plants are pretty hearty and can overcome getting too dry. You’ll notice your leaves drooping and the pot will feel really light. Water immediately with the usual amount and the plants will perk up very soon.

The leaves will droop if you over water  and you’ll notice this soon after watering your plant. You have to get rid of that excess moisture one way or another or risk rotting your root system.

Try either placing the over watered plant in an extremely dry room or if it’s in the summer, take the plant outside and watch it closely as it will dry pretty fast.

Another idea to dry an over-watered marijuana plant is to put the pot in front of a fan. NOTE: read our post about how we dry a wet bud in an emergency.

One of these methods should work for you and it must be done or you’ll lose the plant.

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