Truthful Facts About Growing Marijuana; cost factor: it’s More Expensive to Grow Inside than You Think but it’s still cheaper then buying it on the street or in a legal state at a retail store.

Growing your own is a very satisfying use of your time, labor and money. You know how great a home grown tomato tastes? Marijuana will taste even better and you’ll have practically an unlimited supply if you keep a mother and continue to grow with clones.

You can grow outside if your state allows it; make sure you follow all the rules and regulations. Mother Nature provides the greatest light of all to use and it’s free; your plants will love it and grow larger and fuller with bigger buds.

If you’re living in a backward state and must have an inside stealth grow, you’ll have to incur the extra expense of lights, timers, fans, hardware, utilities, soil mix and pots.marijuana seeds grew this pot plant

Using a conservative garden of five, 6 gallon pots your capital equipment expenses should be similar to the figures included here depending on where you live. I left off timers, fans and light hangers (about 50 bucks). The cost of your subsequent grows will be a lot less; basically for the nutrients and utilities you’ll use.

Your choice of lighting ranges from CFL and T5 to HID (high intensity discharge) and LED (light emitting diode).

Since Chinese manufactures have entered the LED lighting market, prices have been driven down to the point where LED should be the lighting of choice for the home grower because of low energy use and low heat compared to HID lighting.

NOTE: Utilities are reasonable in my neck of the woods and I only grow inside during the winter months so I like to mix a 400 and 600 HID light with my LED’s. I’ll run the 400 watt using a MH (metal halide) and the 600 watt using a HPS (high pressure sodium). IMO, this helps my plants reach their indoor growth potential using an ultra wide light spectrum for the whole grow.

Contrary to what most videos about LED grow lights I’ve seen, I believe the bud size and plant yield is less using LED but because of the energy savings and a cooler grow room, it’s worth it. When you’re watching videos about lights etc, remember, you’re not growing in a big warehouse with expensive commercial LED lights or in a legal state for that matter, but in a small room using $160 lights in your house.

Note: CFL and T5 are another option but because LED is so inexpensive with so much greater yield than CFL or T5, they aren’t included in this discussion.

To grow 5 plants, a minimum of 2 lights are needed with 3 being even better. If using HID in a small room, it’s very difficult using a light larger than 600 WATTS because of the heat.

With LED, a 1200 WATT light can be within 12 to 28 inches of the plant tops.

For this example, we’ll use two, 1200 WATT LED lights from King Manufacturing at a cost of $159.95 each. The lights will run for about 5 months approximately 13 hours each day at a cost of about $50 per month extra on your electric bill or $250.00 for the length of the grow. Compared to HID which would cost an extra $150.00 per month on your electric bill.

  • Two Lights:  $319.90
  • Five Months of Electric: $250.00

A great soil mix to use is 2.8 cubic feet of Pro-Mix with Mycorrhizae at about $34.27, 24 quarts of Black Gold worm compost mix at about $35.78 and about 6 quarts of perlite at about $2.00.

  • Pro-Mix:  $34.27
  • Black Gold: $25.98
  • Perlite: $2.00

Fabric pots really will help grow a more vigorous plant but are a little more expensive than plastic pots and they’re only good for about 3 grows. A 7 gallon fabric pot with handles is about $7.95 compared to about $5.75 for a plastic pot.

  • Plastic:  $28.75
  • Fabric:  $39.75

NOTE: Fabric pots leak. Trying using the fabric inside a plastic pot or make sure you have a really large saucer under the fabric pot.

Foliage Pro is a nutrient formula containing all the micro and macro nutrients marijuana needs to thrive is available from Dyna-Gro. You’ll need about 16 oz. for the 4 month grow. It’s $17.97 for 32 oz. or about $9.00 for for a 4 month grow.

Pro-TeKt, a silicon based supplement from Dyna-Gro that helps build sturdy plants is the only other amendment you need. It’s $15.69 for 32 oz. or about $7.00 worth for a 4 month grow.

Mag-Pro is a sulfur and magnesium booster from Dyna-Gro that helps the plants form dense and large buds. It’s $15.96 for 32 oz. You’ll use about $5.00 worth for a 4 month grow.

In summary, to grow five pot plants indoors requires the following expense rounded to whole dollars:

  • Lights: $320 for two, 1200 WATT King LED’s at $159.95 each
  • Electricity: $250 for 5 months at $50.00 per month
  • Soil Mix:     $48 for Pro-Mix, Black Gold and perlite
  • Pots: $50 for five, 7 gallon Smart Pots with large saucers
  • Nutrients: $21 for Foliage Pro, Pro-Tekt and Mag-Pro

The figures were rounded and cost totaled $690.00 for the 5 month marijuana grow. If you take care of your plants and allow them to grow until they all fully mature, you should get conservatively at least 2 oz. per plant or 10 oz. of home grown pot from 5 plants.

This works out to be $69 per oz.

Two ounces per plant is very conservative and If you take give your plants the care they need, you should get at least twelve ounces. Do the math and you’ll see your price will be even less.

Since you can reuse everything; soil mix, lights and pots and you’ll have enough nutrient  left, your second grow expense will be drastically reduced.

  • Electricity: $250.00 for 5 months at $50.00 per month
  • Nutrients: $21 for Foliage Pro, Pro-Tekt and Mag-Pro

If you get 10 oz. from your second grow, your cost comes down to about $27 per oz.


  • Even though the grow period is called 4 months, 5 months of electricity includes the seedling, sexing and transplanting period which can be up to a month long depending on how your plants respond.
  • Reduce or increase the amounts for an accurate cost for your particular area. Prices do not include shipping.
  • You will have left over soil mix which is enough to fill out your pots for the second grow as you’ll be reusing the soil mix..

There are many more tips and tricks to help you grow your own pot at Growing Weed Indoors. They reveal their inside secrets that help them grow awesome pot; the kind of pot where you’re feeling it after one hit from a one hitter. Growing marijuana is a whole lot easier with a little help from your friends at Growing Weed Indoors.


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