How to Buy Marijuana Seeds in the United States when it’s illegal. Where do people living in the United States of America buy their marijuana seeds if they want to grow their own weed?

That’s a great question and all the experienced growers like me know exactly where to get our seeds that are delivered, germinate and grow into awesome plants without being ripped off. Why?  Because we’ve been cheated out of our hard earned money already by scammers who took advantage of our eagerness to get seeds and knew they could cheat us without ramifications.


I mean what are you going to do? Call the cops and tell them the seed guy ripped you off?


There are so many scammers I can’t keep up with them anymore. What I suggest everyone do before sending online seed banks money is searching all their contact information online.

Start with their phone number. You’ll find search results for that number and check them looking for things like Craigslist ads or complaints about the number.

Many thieves use the same number to try all kinds of scams in many different places so there is a good chance if your seed guy is a crook, somebody would have made a complaint against the phone number.


I buy my seeds from Robert Bergman click here to buy your own seeds


Also check to see if it’s a Google Voice telephone number. If the Internet seed seller is using a Google Voice telephone number I can just about guarantee that’s a scammer.


NOTE: search the email address and telephone number of anyone asking you for money. Make sure they are legitimate; look for complaints about them etc.


Next search their email address looking for any scam type behavior. To get their email address, tell them you’ll notify them by email when you are sending the money. They’ll agree to just about anything if it’s about sending them cash.


Or, just use the guy I use, Robert Bergman so you don’t have to worry


There is nothing wrong with using bag seed but with modern growing techniques finding a seed in the weed you buy doesn’t happen too often anymore.


NOTE: IMO you’ll stand a better chance of finding bag seed in weed grown outside.


Thus, in lieu of bag seed, the stealth grower has no choice but to break federal and state laws getting seeds so it’s important to know who you’re buying seeds from.

I get all my seeds from Robert Bergman who runs the website I love Growing Marijuana. They are located in Europe and I’ve made several successful purchases from them over the years.

In fact, I just made an order on October 3. My order total was $291.00 and I bought Gorilla Glue fem, Girl Scout Cookie fem, AK 47 autos and some CBD oil.

I received everything on October 14 without any problems.

The first time I ever bought seeds online I got ripped off from a legitimate looking seed store to the tune of $145.00. Don’t let that happen to you. Use my seed guy  so you don’t have to worry about it.

These are the products I use to grow the best weed just in case you don’t want to run to your local store