Coming soon – relevant information about growing your own weed at home in OHIO as soon as it’s legal.

Hemp is now legal in Ohio so weed shouldn’t be to far behind. Medicinal marijuana is legal FYI.

We had a chance to have it legalized in 2016. Not perfect legislature but it was good enough; legal and you could grow you own. What more do you want?

Ohio residents decided that even though the majority wants to legalize marijuana, the bill wasn’t good enough so it didn’t make it and now we’re stuck with the most stupid medical marijuana bill in history.

I’m hoping something happens with Schumer’s bill in D.C. and they take if off Schedule 1 which should open up full legalization.

You will never be able to grow weed and sell it unless you get licensed etc. The fees are so astronomical, the average Joe will NEVER be able to start any kind of weed business.

Stayed tuned for more OHIO weed information coming soon.