Choosing the Right Soil and Nutrients for Indoor Cannabis Plants

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However, to maximize yield and quality, selecting the appropriate soil and nutrients is crucial.

The Importance of Nutrients in Marijuana Cultivation

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Among these factors, the role of nutrients stands out as paramount. Just like any other plant, marijuana requires specific nutrients in varying quantities at different stages of its growth cycle to thrive.

Gold Leaf Strain Review

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I’m on my third generation of the Gold Leaf marijuana strain grown indoors from feminized seeds and haven’t been disappointed one bit. They have been easy to grow from seed and clones and I will keep a Mother for even more future clones. this is my Gold Leaf Strain Review.

A more in depth article about the Gold Leaf Strain is  here.

There will be a Gold Leaf plant or two in my vegetable garden and I […]

Gold Leaf Strain

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I’ve harvested about 8 ounces of the Gold Leaf Strain from an indoor test grow of 3 plants and I must say; I really really like the gold leaf strain developed by Robert Bergman. First of all it’s great weed. So great I have 4 more plants with 35 days left in the flowering cycle plus a couple of clones ready to be planted in my garden outside and I'll be using 30 gal grow bags for those.

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