I Just Bought More Pot Online

As I’ve said before, it’s not easy getting pot when you’re old. A few weeks ago, I took a chance and ordered a quarter ounce of Green Dream online. The buy went through perfectly. It took me about 15 minutes to set up a Bit Coin account and pay the weed guy.  They have a great how to buy Bit Coins video.

I received the pot seven days later. It was good stuff. The problem, it only lasted nine days. I decided to order a larger quantity, but I didn’t want to pay the high price for buds,  $300-$330 per ounce.

The weed guy had Blue Dream trim listed, $170 for two ounces. I’ve always wanted to try that strain, so I placed my order on Thursday night around 10 PM.

The Internet transaction went through perfectly. The weed guy confirmed payment within about 30 minutes or so. I received my package six days later. The two ounces were packed into a regular zipped baggy. The baggy was vacuumed sealed into a clear plastic pouch, and that was vacuumed sealed into a foil pouch.

As with the first delivery, there was no smell coming from the package.

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to smoke joints, and I get ripped smoking one-half a J of the Blue Dream trim. My only complaint is the trim is really dry.

I’ve placed a few freshly picked leaves from some girls I have growing in the bag to help moisten the trim and the weed should be less harsh.

How To Buy Pot Online:

  • Go to website, look over products
  • Place your order
  • Weed guy will send confirmation and Bit Coin wallet to use for payment
  • Open Bit Coin account; watch the video on the site, it’s perfect
  • Transfer some money into the Bit Coin account
  • Pay the weed guy using his wallet
  • Your weed will show up soon, in my case, within seven days

Your new Bit Coin account will limit your transactions to $300 or under until you verify your account so it’s recommended to do that ASAP. The Bit Coin site also charges fees; roughly, to send $90 in Bit Coins, it will cost you about $99. To send $175, it will cost you about $184.