Growing Weed From Marijuana Seeds.


This is how I do it:

I’ve made 15 successful pot seed purchases over the past five years buying from the I Love Growing Marijuana website.

Ordering and paying was easy, I received my seeds in under 20 days.

All the seeds were delivered discretely and all were in great condition ready for germination.

99% germinated and grew into great plants.

If you need advice, I’m here of course but they too have growing advice and the strain info you’ll need.

Don’t play around buying what could be from a scam website or a crappy company.

Use the I Love Growing Marijuana website and you’ll have no worries, they know how to do it.


Why grow from seed?

Plants grown from a seed will reach the full potential possible using your soil, nutrients, water, light and timings.

Plants grown from auto seeds are fine but do come with some problems because they are sensitive and will herm with the slightest stress. I do grow autos but I’m extremely careful and only grow a few so I can devote plenty of time to them.  I use 20 hours of light on and 4 hours of light off. They are not clone-able.

Feminized seeds are my seed of choice now. It saves the sexing time and they are clone-able. I have recently change my veg lighting cycle to 20 hours on and 4 hours off because my autos were doing so well under that amount of lighting. I am happy with that and notice the difference in my plants. They are more robust.

But, after saying all that, IMO, growing from regular seed gives you the finest plants but you have to account for the sexing time.


It’s easy

  • Germinate your seeds using peat rings, should sprout in about 4 days
  • Grow your seedlings for about 10 days
  • Transfer your peat-ring seedlings into their forever home, we use 6 gal pots, from 5-10 gallon work fine
  • Grow your seedlings for about 2 weeks under 24 hour light
  • Switch to 18-6 lights for about 2 weeks or until two full sets of leaves have grown
  • Switch to 12-12 lighting schedule to commence flowering
  • Girls and boys should show themselves within 2 weeks
  • Take out the boys, change lights back to 24 hours on for next 2 weeks
  • Change lights to 18-6, all plants should have reverted back to veg cycle

Plants may look slightly weird after reversion. Don’t panic, they’re fine, they are growing through the buds that started forming.


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