After about 48 years of on and off marijuana use, which makes me a criminal in the state of Ohio, I’m ready to move to a state where it’s legal. The discussion about marijuana legalization is so profoundly idiotic and politically influenced, I’m embarrassed for the people who believe marijuana should still be illegal; especially if they are alcohol or prescription medication users. If I do need an attorney concerning cannabis I’ll consult with the Thorburn Law Group.

First, let me explain my on and off use:

Once you get over 30 years of age or so, it’s difficult to find weed to buy. I’m tired of trying to find someone to sell me weed (I’m 66). For a few years, I couldn’t find any and didn’t get high. And I didn’t get high for quite a few years raising kids.

Second, let me explain the marijuana plant to you:

Marijuana is a plant that grows out of the ground just like a tomato. Long story short; plant a pot seed outside June 1st, and you’ll have plants ready to harvest by October. The buds (or flowers) are cured and dried for a week or two then they’re ready to smoke. Nothing special is added or done to the plants or buds. No part of the plant is processed in a laboratory.

Marijuana is as natural as you can get. BEWARE: growers who are misinformed may use pesticides etc… and is a HUGE case for allowing marijuana users the ability to grow their own.

There is no manipulation to make the potency higher; it’s all genetics plus optimum growing conditions for a plant to reach its full strength and size potential.

Plants are bred for potency, but it’s not mad science. The weed-grown today may be stronger than in 1970 but what’s the difference? In 1970, I smoked a joint and got a buzz. In 2016 I smoked a third of a joint and got a buzz. It’s an empty myth that the pot grown today is so strong it’s dangerous and can’t be legalized.

In fact, IMO, anyone who touts publicly how dangerous marijuana is, actually gets paid, one way or another, by the alcohol and/or pharmaceutical industries.

The medical marijuana law recently passed in Ohio is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

To all the people who voted no on Issue 3 (legalize for recreational use); this is what you gave us; medical marijuana that you can’t smoke.

To use weed in Ohio for health reasons, you have to eat it or take a pill, and you need a prescription from an MD; how stupid can you get.

If you have a doctor by the way who thinks marijuana has no use; get a new doctor because IMO, he’s a quack.

Here is a fact for all the dummy’s in Ohio:


Unless you’re talking about the extract, CBD; which has all kinds of medical uses.

Soon, I’ll be waving bye-bye to the dumb state of Ohio, my home state, because I can sit in a bar and drink a 30% beer, get smashed and drive home, but I can’t smoke a joint.

I’ve been to Massachusetts before; it’s not bad, and Boston and the Berkshires are kind of cool, but I don’t want to live there. They did pass a great marijuana law, though.

I’ll probably have to go to Denver unless a state farther south legalizes it. Then there is always California, but it’s so far away.

So because of idiots, I have to move.

I’m not a happy camper right now.