Robert Bergman – Marijuana Seed Website Owner or Chemist. There are 2 Robert Bergman’s listed on Google.

One is a 76 year old chemist living in Chicago and the other one sells cannabis seeds, marijuana plant nutrients and growing instructions.

On Robert Bergman’s website, I love Growing Marijuana; you can purchase marijuana seeds and everything else you need to help you grow them into full plants. He’s probably most widely known for his publication: “Marijuana Grow Bible”. It is available on Amazon or you can download it here.

Robert Bergman Cannabis Seed Guy

Robert Bergman cannabis seeds

He recently added CBD oils and tinctures to his product list.

Robert Bergman the chemist, to the best of my knowledge, has nothing to do with the marijuana industry. According to Wikipedia, he is still active and most recently won the Wolf Prize in Chemistry in 2017.

There are some other Bergman’s listed and the only one I recommend doing business with is the I love growing marijuana website.

Purchasing seeds etc. online from a seller can be a tricky thing and I strongly suggest using Bergman’s website. I have made several purchases over the years and not once have I ever had a problem or been ripped off.

I can’t say the same for other cannabis seed dealers so be careful out there. I’ve been screwed a few times and it’s not a lot of fun. Cannabis seeds are not cheap. The first crook insisted on a minimum order of $100 and I had to wire him the money. What a waste of 100 bucks.


Dr. Robert Bergman


The moral of the story; only buy from seed dealers who have positive REAL reviews.


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