Robert Bergman’s Seeds Thirty Nine Days Old-Seeds from Amsterdam Update



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Here is a fast recap:


  • I ordered five, AK-47 Auto Flower seeds from Robert Bergman’s “I Love Growing Marijuana” website on November 18
  • They were delivered,  twenty days later, on December 8
  • I immediately started germinating them using peat rings.
  • The seeds sprouted 3 days later on December 11 Happy Birthday!
  • Seedlings were placed in small seedlings pots on December 17
  • Seedlings were transplanted into their forever home on January 8 31 days after they sprouted.
  • Plants are now 39 days old since their birthday.


And the good news is, all five plants are growing well. They flowered so fast, I didn’t get a chance to grab a clone. I’m still running them on a 18-6 lighting schedule using LED’s with a MH bulb chaser. I’ll switch the MH with HPS for a while.


This is my first attempt growing with Auto Flowering seeds, so far so good. I hope they get much larger though. The way they look now, I’ll be lucky to get one ounce from each.


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I am having a problem with humidity; it’s too low. I like to be at the minimum, 45 degrees of relative humidity range, give or take. The winter here has been especially dry and my room is running from 15 to 25. I really hate using humidifiers but looks like I have no choice.


To help combat the low humidity, I’ve been spraying the plants a couple of times each day with water.


Speaking of watering, these girls will be getting their second full watering in a few days. The pots are starting to weigh less so I know I’m getting close. The first was Jan. 8th, 10 days ago. Looks like I’ll be around 13 days between watering starting off.


Growing plants from regular seeds, they really suck up the water late in the flowering cycle. Not sure if auto flowering plants will react the same.


I’m hoping these girls are on the smallish side because their roots have been working overtime. After the next watering, I’ll be expecting a dramatic above ground growth spurt.