You can buy cannabis, marijuana and weed online.

You don’t have to contact me.

You can order weed here

Open a bitcoin account at CoinBase

I have purchased weed online 6 times. Each time the purchase went through easily and the pot was mailed to me within 7 days or faster.

For example, the last two times I ordered on a Friday and my order was delivered the following Wednesday.

I paid $175 total for a half oz of some great weed.

A few weeks previous, I needed some pot fast and I asked a friend if he could line it up. He did and I bought a half for $140. But I had to bug a friend, who had to check his weed guy. Then he had to go get it for me, pay for it and meet me. I had to drive 40 minutes there and 40 minutes back home to pick it up.

This is so stupid I can’t stand it. In my opinion, it’s worth the extra $35 to buy it online and have it delivered directly to my mailbox.

Love to read your comments.