How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online; Where and how in the United States of America can marijuana seeds be purchased? Buying marijuana seeds online, to the best of my knowledge, is the only way to acquire the seeds you need to grow your own marijuana.


Man Buys Marijuana Seeds Online and Nothing Bad Happens



seeds are delivered in a package like this

Seed Packaging

You can use bag seed without any problem but with modern growing techniques, finding seeds in a bag of pot you purchased is very unlikely. IMO, you’ll find more seeds in pot grown outside vs inside grown.


The only way you can get seeds is buying them online. It can be done and I’ve done it many times. In my opinion, the key is; finding reputable seed vendors based on true recommendations.


I’ve been ripped off a few times by seed websites so you have to do your due diligence when making your purchase. I would suggest to just follow my recommendation so you don’t have to worry.


Seeds are not cheap so you want to make sure you are ordering what you want from the right seed website who will replace bad seeds or rectify any problems.


I purchase all my seeds here:  I love growing marijuana website run by Robert Bergman. I’ve made several purchases and the seeds were all delivered within 7 days of placing the order. Payment is easy and their inventory is great. I had no problems with germination, the plants were awesome, the weed was great but I did read some reviews were some people did get seeds that didn’t germinate.


pot seeds from Robert Bergman

Seed Mailing Envelope

Bergman’s site responded and fixed every complaint they had (very few) and you can’t get better than that when buying anything online.


Since plants grown from feminized seeds can be cloned, I’ll suggest that you use that type of seed. You’ll be able to get at least one clone from each girl when they are about 3 or 4 weeks old and that’s very conservative.


It would be more like two or three or even more from each. Thus, if you start with five seedlings, in about 4 weeks you could have ten or twenty plants. Do the math and you’ll see how many plants you can get with cloning from just a few seeds.


In summary, I strongly suggest using Robert Bergman’s website when you are buying seeds:



Need help on deciding which products to use to grow your own marijuana?  These are the products I use and I recommend them all for great weed.