Thoughts For a Typical Grow Room. These are some of the things to consider planning your grow room. If you go the soil mix route and you’re using around six, ( most states will allow personal grows in this neighborhood when it’s legal) 7 gal pots (you can go smaller if you need to), you’ll need about about 50 gallons of soil mix and about 25 pounds or so of amendments. You want to be in a convenient location with easy access to haul the soil in and out.

Watering is something else to think about and over watering is probably the number one mistake newbie growers make. For each 7 gal pot, depending on the soil mix you’re using, you’ll need 1 to 2 gals of water (8.8 lbs per gallon) every 1 to 3 weeks.

This is a pretty wide window and there are many considerations so follow the advice for making the soil mix you’ll find on the site. This mix; ProMix HP and Black Gold along with extra Perlite holds moisture superbly and grows great plants. Your grow room should be close to or have access to water. We have more info about watering here.

Depending on the amount of lighting you’ll be using, enough electrical circuits as well as being able to block any way light can escape will have to be planned for. An updated, regular house circuit can handle more than 1500 watts but it’s suggested to limit your circuits to this (better be safe than sorry). To tax your home’s electrical circuits will do nothing but cause grief.

Disclaimer: the above is not electrical advice. Please, doubly please, check with someone who knows what they’re talking about concerning HID lighting and house electrical circuits.

Having a window but it must be completely blacked out with very small openings for fan exhaust/ventilation. The heavy construction black trash bags work very well. Cut them open and tape them around the window.

If you’re using HID (high intensity discharge) lamps like MH (metal halide) or HPS (high pressure sodium) bulbs, heat buildup will be a problem so ventilation is needed. It’s suggested only to run HID lighting when you are in the building. A good time for example; flower cycle lights on from 7 PM until 7 AM than reduce it by 30 minutes every two weeks.

For the veg cycle use the GLR (gas light routine). It’s cooler in the evening and it’s easier keeping the grow room between 75-85 degrees. Also keep a fan running 24 hours per day. Fan and ventilation are must haves.

At one time, 2×4’s across a span with shelves and a ladder on either side of the grow area to hang lights. In the beginning while you’re setting everything up, this works okay. When you’re more experienced and know the lights you’re going to use etc…the best way to set up the lights is hanging them from the ceiling using an adjustable rope ratchet hanger versus some type of chain. Chains are a pain. The adjustable hangers are great, worth the extra expense.

To get the most bang for your buck as far as lighting goes it’s best to use some type of reflective material on the floor and walls. It comes in sheets or rolls.

If you have the budget and you’re tight on space, a grow tent works well and range in price from about $75 to $250 depending on size and quality. Since it is something you can use over and over, read the reviews and get the best grow tent you can afford. You can try foil covered insulating sheets. They are fire resistant, easy to handle and relatively inexpensive. You can buy sheets or rolls and they are available at your local home improvement store.

If you’re still reading you’ll probably make a go of growing. The single most valuable piece of advice we could give anyone would be this:


It’s a small world out there and the penalties can be severe so never ever tell anyone.

These are the products I use to grow the best weed just in case you don’t want to spend hundreds buying it from your dealer or store