Transplanting AK-47 Auto Flowering Plants Into Six Gallon Pots


You can get seeds from Robert here

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This is a continuation of the Cannabis Seeds From Robert Bergman page. I’m growing pot plants from AK-47 seeds.

It has taken four and a half weeks for the seeds to germinate and the seedlings to grow sufficient enough to be transplanted into their permanent home, six-gallon pots with fabric pot liners.

You’ll notice pictures taken with the LED lights on and some without. I did this just to show you the difference in lighting and to remind everyone to use eye protection when using LED lights.

I’m going to add HID lights too in another few days or so.

I like to use one-gallon jugs for watering. Into my gallon of well water, I add one tsp of Foliage Pro and one tsp of ProTekt. I use a plastic syringe for the liquid nutrients. Always rinse your syringe and spoon with water.



When I have my nutrient mix ready to go, I’ll get my pots ready I insert the pot liners into the six-gallon plastic pot and add enough soil mix. I want the plant a little higher than the pot lip. I’m using once used flower mix, and it’s dry, so I’ll spray water to help with the dust. Add about 1/3 of the water and mix it around a little into the soil.

Add another little bit into the center where the plant will be placed.



After I remove the plant from the seedling pot, I’ll cut the root ball in four places then place it into the six-gallon pot. I back fill with enough soil mix to cover the root ball and water with the remainder of the water mix.

Now they are ready to be placed under the lights. I’ll use 100% LED for about one week than I’ll add one 400 Watt and one 600 Watt HID light and use both.



This room is about eight feet by 10 feet. A reflective insulating material purchased from Home Depot is stapled into the walls. Small pieces were also cut for under the pots. I want to get as much reflection as possible from my lights.

I use toggle bolts pushed into the ceiling drywall to hold up the lights. LED lights are fairly heavy, so a good hook for hanging is necessary.


You can also use the rolls of reflective insulation to make a little grow tent. Just unroll, they’ll stand up on they’re own. Be sure to block the windows, so light doesn’t escape. LED produce a weird looking light.; anyone driving by could spot it.