I’m on my third generation of the Gold Leaf marijuana strain grown indoors from feminized seeds and haven’t been disappointed one bit. They have been easy to grow from seed and clones and I will keep a Mother for even more future clones. this is my Gold Leaf Strain Review.

A more in depth article about the Gold Leaf Strain is  here.

There will be a Gold Leaf plant or two in my vegetable garden and I can’t wait for those to grow and mature. I’ll be using 30 gallon grow bags and I expect a really big plant and a huge yield compared to growing indoors. I’ll place the bags in the middle of 12 rows of corn. Corn is a great way to block the view of your weed plants.

When it comes to reviewing a strain for effects I’m not the best reviewer because I can say with complete confidence that I’ve never met a  marijuana bud I didn’t like. Frankly, 15 minutes after smoking a joint I feel the same no matter what strain I’ve smoked.

Gold Leaf starts really slow on me. In fact, the first time I smoked half a joint of it I thought this is really disappointing. Then I took a ride to the grocery store and said holy shit, I’m higher than hell, this weed is awesome.  The best way I could explain it would be at first it’s a really light, pleasantly light buzz then in a short while WHAM, it kicks in and you get really nailed.


The buds are nice and tight and really great for one hitters.

The bud in the photo was picked on April 15, 2020. The photo was taken May 29, 2020.  The bud is 1-1/2 inches long by 1 inch wide



Gold Leaf Bud

Gold Leaf Bud May 2020


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Gold Leaf Strain.



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