How to Dry Marijuana Quickly


I can hardly believe I’m writing another post about drying marijuana fast. Why? Because I did it again; I completely ran out of my stash and my ladies in waiting still have another couple of weeks to go.

So I have two choices:  buy some weed from the weed guy for about $260 per oz. delivered ($9+ gr.) or pick a branch.

Picture one tells the story; I picked a branch, trimmed the leaves and placed the buds on a sheet of white copy paper.

I covered them with another sheet, put them on the oil filled heater and placed a weekly newspaper over that. At one time I used the high setting, 1500 watts on the heater. That dried the buds in about 90 minutes, dry enough to roll a joint.

If I didn’t watch them close enough they would get too dry so now I set the heater on half, only using 750 watts. It takes a lot longer, 3-4 hours, but I like the texture better.

Of course this is not the way to dry your full crop. This is only to be done in the case of emergency or to sample a plant.  If you have less patience than me you can set the heater on high but make sure you keep your eyes on them or they’ll get dryer than your mouth after a nice joint of OG Kush.