I think the weed leaf is an extraordinary part of the cannabis plant. I’ve seen many sizes and shapes over the years and I’m amazed at how much information they give you about your plant.

During the grow cycle you develop a close bond with your plants because you’re with them so much or should I say, you should be with them so much. You’ll notice every little change with the leaves and that should help you be proactive about bugs or any deficiency.

You may notice your leaves are drooping. In a nutshell; either too much or too little water. How to tell the difference? Easy, the weight of the pot; if your pot is really light your plant needs water ASAP.

If you recently watered your plant and the leaves are drooping you’ve over watered and that needs to be fixed ASAP. The easiest way to dry out a drowning plant is placing it outside in the warm air. If it’s cold outside the next best thing to do is placing the pot in front of a fan. This works well with a fabric pot.

If you’re not using fabric pots you have more of a challenge because of the plastic pot you’re using. Even if you have to put your pot on its side it must be done. Aim your fan directly at the soil; every once in a while stir the soil so air gets as close to the bottom as possible.

Sometimes you’ll see your cannabis leave change colors. In young plants you have to watch closely if one or two leaves are changing colors. If they are near the bottom of the plant it’s probably no big deal; that’s what happens as plants grow; older leaves die off/dry out.

If they’re closer to the top then you have to watch and see if the discolorations spread to more than one or two leaves. If it does than you might have some kind of nutrient deficiency. I can’t tell what your plants are missing because I really don’t know much about it because I never have nutrient deficiencies using my soil mix and nutrients.

If you search online cannabis plant nutrient deficiencies you’ll find many photos and descriptions that will help you out.

If you’re checking your plants several times each day you should notice leaf damage or small holes or black spots which indicate pests. You may even see the critters. I’ve used Neem Oil and Dr. Zymes with equal success but Dr.Zymes is easier to use.

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