Washington State’s First Legalized Weed Report. I-502 Evaluation Plan and Preliminary Report on Implementation

The State of Washington finalized it’s September 2015 evaluation report on legalized marijuana. You can download the report with the link below or open it up and read it right here.Washington's first report about marijuna

Washington’s population:  7,062,000

Ohio’s population: 11,590,000

Washington’s gross sales June 2014 thru June 2015:

Medical: $27 million

Non-medical: $122.7 million

Non-medical sales are for about 10 months, medical sales for 12.

Their sales will probably hit over $200 million combined for 2015.

Not sure of the taxes collected but I’ll bet my life it’s substantial.

For the time period of June 2014 thru 2015, in the State of Ohio, there were probably over $200 million in weed sales.

Difference between Washington and Ohio?  Weed is illegal in Ohio!!

All the sales in Ohio are black market cash sales, no taxes paid with the dough, one way or another, ending up with serious crime syndicates laughing all the way to the bank as we stupidly continue the failed war on drugs.

Serious mistake:  Classifying Cannabis as a Schedule I drug (as dangerous as heroin)?

80,000 people die from alcohol every year and countless thousands of others are impacted by the violence and stupidity of drinkers.

25,000 of them die from overdose!!!

It’s not talked about much, alcohol overdoses. In fact, it’s never talked about. Do we need to state the obvious? In the US alone, alcohol sales in 2014 were over $211 BILLION DOLLARS.  Yes, that’s billions.

0 people die from marijuana (overdoses or anything else you can think of) every year (actually since history began).

Doesn’t it make sense to encourage people to switch from alcohol to weed?