2 Best Ways to Tell the Difference between Male Cannabis VS Female. If you’re growing marijuana from regular seed, you must determine who the male and female plants are.


As explained in this article; one way to sex your plants is to start the flowering cycle after your plants have grown a couple sets of leaves.

  1. Grow your seedlings until they have 2 sets of leaves; approximately 8” tall using the veg light cycle of 18 hours of light on and 6 hours of light off.
  2. Change you lights to the flowering light schedule of 12 hours of light on and off in order to force the flowering cycle.
  3. Watch closely; within about 10 days you’ll notice pollen sacks growing on the males and white wisps of hair growing on the females.
  4. Get rid of the males and change the lights to the veg cycle of 24 hours on for two days then switch to 18 hours on and 6 hours off until you start flowering.
  5. In a few days you’ll notice single leaves growing out of the teeny bud spots as your plants revert back to the veg cycle. The plants will grow normally in the veg cycle from this point on and you can switch to flowering when you choose to.


If you don’t want to switch to flowering then revert back to the veg cycle, here is another way to sex your plants. Transplant your seedlings into their next pot. Label each pot; #1, #2 etc.

In a short while, you’ll be able to take clones from the young plants. Using another small pot or peat ring, label each clone with the same number as it’s mother.  The clones from pot #1 would be labeled #1C. Clones from the plant in pot #2 would be labeled #2C; so on and so forth.

Your mother plants will be switched to the flowering schedule a few weeks ahead of the clones. Watch those plants closely looking for pollen sacks and white hairs. Get rid all the males and take clones from your female plants still in the veg cycle.

You’ll have your original plants in the flowering cycle. The original clones will still be in the veg cycle for another couple weeks. The new clones you take will be in the veg cycle and you can take as many as your plant will give you.