How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds; UPDATE – January 19.

Out of 7,  OG Kush bag seeds, 6 germinated and 2 are females. From these 2 females, I’ll take 5 clones. Once the 5 clones take and start growing, I’ll try to get 2 clones from each plant so I’ll have a total of 17 plants from 2 females.

I can keep cloning and growing a large group in the flowering cycle and a large group in the vegetative cycle. If you do the math you’ll see I can get as many plants as I want.

48 plants total – that’s how many OG Kush plants I got out of 7 bag seeds.


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UPDATE – October 31, 2018-

Video made on Oct. 28. In three days, 4 out of 7 seeds have popped already.

Using peat rings, plastic tray and cover on a heating pad.

how to germinate marijuan seeds

Update Nov. 1, 2018  Six seeds have popped in 4 days. First peat in in the bottom row is popped, you can’t see it yet.

weed seeds popped

This is how I germinate my seeds using Jiffy Peat Rings.

In my opinion, it’s an easy way to do it and you only have to touch the seed one time.