You should Own A Water Bong If You Smoke Regularly


You Should Own A Water Bong If You Smoke Regularly


How you use marijuana impacts whether you’ll encounter side effects. In comparison to smoking a joint or using a pipe, inhaling smoke from cannabis via a bong is seen as a more beneficial and less harmful method.

When looking for a technique of smoking, you should also think about how efficiently it uses your cannabis. This is an important consideration to make. The majority of the medicinal benefits of marijuana are absorbed into the body while smoking pot via a bong, which is often referred to as a water pipe.

There is a dizzying array of options available, ranging from gravity bongs to percolator bongs. Continue reading to learn why using a bong is a tool you should get now as well as how it operates.

What exactly is a water pipe or bong?
A bong is a kind of water pipe that functions as a filter and is used for smoking tobacco, marijuana, and other smokable substances. Although bongs may take a variety of forms and fashions, its primary function is to filter smoke by forcing it to go through a chamber filled with water before it is inhaled by the user. Moving the smoke through the water acts as a filter, removing impurities and allowing only the pure smoke to pass through.


Marijuana Bongs
The following is a list of the components of a bong:



This is the piece that you put your cannabis in, also known as the bowl. Before the cannabis can be put into the bowl component, it has to be crushed up into a powder.


This is the section of the pipe that links the bowl to the main chamber, and it is referred to as the down stem. In most cases, the down stem is positioned at a 45 degree angle for the sake of functionality.


This might be cylindrical or it could take on some other form. Its open end is the mouthpiece ( from which you inhale. The other end is sealed, keeping water within the chamber.


Though a bong may have a lot of other features, the ones listed above are the most important for its intended use.


How does it come into effect?
Before the smoke of the marijuana being burned is inhaled by the user, it is filtered via the water that is contained in the bong. When smoke passes through water, the water both cools the smoke and removes any water-soluble poisons and residues, such ash. Since the majority of cannabinoids are insoluble in water, they are preserved in the smoke of the plant.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Bong When Smoking Marijuana
The following is an in-depth instruction that will walk you through the process of assembling a bong, smoking from a bong, and making use of a water pipe in general.


●     After the bong has been assembled, fill it with clean water by pouring it in through the mouthpiece. 1 inch of water should be above the down stem’s primary chamber.

●     Put your cannabis into the section that looks like a bowl. Learning how to load a bong is one of the useful bong tips that you should familiarize yourself with. Pack it such that the tiny particles won’t be thrown into the water chamber, but not so tightly that air can’t circulate.

●     Light cannabis in the bowl with your mouth on the mouthpiece and inhale. Keep the lighter close to the bowl, but refrain from taking a breath just yet.

●     When there’s a good puff in the chamber, take the bowl off the down stem without removing your lips from the mouthpiece.

●     Inhale deeply and hold for several seconds.

●     If you’re sharing a bong with buddies, you may either do it again or pass it around.


Is Smoking Marijuana Through a Bong the Safest Way to Enjoy It?


You should Own A Water Bong If You Smoke Regularly

What You Need to Understand About Smoking Marijuana from a Bong


Some consider a bong the finest method to consume pot, but whether it’s healthy is up for discussion. However, we can say with absolute certainty that if we were to compare a bong to a pipe or a joint, the bong would unquestionably come out on top as the healthier option.


The response to the question, “Are bongs a healthier alternative to cigarettes?” Yes. Bong smoking is preferable to cigarette smoking if you care about your lungs.


Why, therefore, would one use a bong? Find out more by reading down below.




It lowers the temperature of the smoke before it enters the lungs, making the inhalation experience more pleasant while also shielding the lungs from the potential damage that may be caused by the smoke’s heat.


It acts as a filter for the smoke, reducing the amount of harmful particles and pollutants that reach the user’s lungs.




It is possible that the smoke you inhale contains toxins if the bong is constructed of plastic or metal. These toxins might be the result of chemical processes that occur when you burn cannabis. Always choose a glass bong since glass is more sturdy than other materials.


If the water in your bong has any impurities, the smoke that you inhale will also have the same pollutants in it.

You Should Own A Water Bong If You Smoke Regularly


Is it Possible to Get High When Using a Bong to Smoke Weed?


Bong smoke containing marijuana retains its euphoric properties since THC does not dissolve in water. Click here to learn more about THC. It’s a well-known truth that some bongs, especially gravity bongs, are notorious for the potent highs they provide to their users.


What the Studies Have to Say About It


Acrolein and acetaldehyde, both of which are hazardous to various sections of the lungs, are removed from marijuana smoke when it is filtered through water, according to research done at the University of Texas. When a smoker smokes using a bong, the majority of the water-soluble poisons that are present in the plant are released into the water. This finding is consistent with the findings of other research.