Growing Weed From Seed


This is how I do it:

I’ve made four successful and one unsuccessful pot seed purchases over the past five years.

Purchasing from Breeders Boutique was easy and I received my seeds within 15 days.

Same success buying from the I Love Growing Marijuana website. Ordering and paying was easy, I received my seeds in 20 days.


Why grow from seed?

Plants grown from a seed will reach their full potential possible using your soil, nutrients, water, light and timings.

Your clones will be replicas of your best plants.


It’s easy

  • Germinate your seeds using peat rings, should sprout in about 4 days
  • Grow your seedlings for about 10 days
  • Transfer your peat-ring seedlings into their forever home, we use 6 gal pots, from 5-10 gallon work fine
  • Grow your seedlings for 2 weeks under 24 hour light
  • Switch to 18-6 lights for 2 weeks or until two full sets of leaves have grown
  • Switch to 12-12 lighting schedule to commence flowering
  • Girls and boys should show themselves within 2 weeks
  • Take out the boys, change lights back to 24 hours on for next 2 weeks
  • Change lights to 18-6, all plants should have reverted back to veg cycle

Plants may look slightly weird after reversion. Don’t panic, they’re fine, they are growing through the buds that started forming.

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