Growing Weed From Seed


This is how I do it:

I’ve made several successful and one unsuccessful cannabis seed purchases over the past few years.

The one unsuccessful buy was from a scammer. Not much I can do about that except check the seed guy’s website better.

My successes were from this company: I Love Growing Marijuana
Ordering and paying was easy, I received my seeds in 20 days.


Why grow from seed?

You have to start somewhere don’t you?

If you can get clones, that’s the easiest way to grow but most can’t get clones until you start growing from seed.

After you start your seeds you can take clones from your best plants after they have grown for awhile.

A clone will be a replica of the mother and that’s why I say growing from clones is a no brainer.


From now on when I buy seeds, I get the most from my money and buy them at Robert Bergman’s trusted website. Sometimes he has sales too like the Halloween Seed Sale

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It’s easy to grow from seed

  • Germinate your seeds using peat rings, should sprout in about 4 days
  • Grow your seedlings for about 10 days
  • Transfer your peat-ring seedlings into their forever home, we use 5 gal fabric pots but from 5-10 gallon work fine
  • Grow your seedlings for 2 weeks under 24 hour light
  • Switch to 18-6 lights for 2 weeks or until two full sets of leaves have grown
  • Switch to 12-12 lighting schedule to commence flowering
  • Girls and boys should show themselves within 2 weeks
  • Take out the boys, change lights back to 24 hours on for next 2 weeks
  • Change lights to 18-6, all plants should have reverted back to veg cycle

Plants will probably look slightly weird after reversion. Don’t panic, they’re fine, leaves start growing through the little buds that started forming.

Save yourself some future hassles and use Robert Bergman for your seeds/

Watch this short video about seeds I made:

These are the fabric grow bags, Pro Mix, Black Gold, Perlite and Jiffy peat rings I use



These are the products I use from Dyna-Gro. IMO Dyna-Gro is not only the best, it’s the easiest to use.


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