5 Things to Consider Before Picking Your First Vape Kit.  Electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, vapes, or vape kits), have been around longer than you may believe. With the rapid advancement of technology, devices, and flavors, their popularity has skyrocketed in the previous several years. It isn’t easy to know where to begin with so many various vape devices on the market today and so many distinct terminologies used to describe them.

Whether you’re looking for your first vape kit or looking to upgrade your current vape pen, keep reading to learn about the many devices available and which e-cigarette you should choose. You may have overheard other vapers discussing cryptic terms like sub-ohm,’ ‘PG/VG,’ and ‘box mods’ and want to learn more. You may perhaps get on with it and find something straightforward.

Since it was first launched a few years ago, vape kits have evolved significantly. Cig-a-likes are the earliest type of vape, yet they still contain the same essential functions as modern vapes. In general, newcomers should stick to mods and pods because most of the difficulties plagued first-gen iterations have been resolved.

Types of vapes

A pod system is a vaping device that stores vape juice in a removable plastic pod with an atomizer coil built-in. They’re built to work well with e-liquids that have high nicotine levels.

  1. Vape Pen: Vape pens are slightly larger than pod systems, producing more vapor and longer battery life. Vape pens can also be valuable for pod system owners looking for more power.
  1. Vape Mod: Vape mods, also known as box mods, are the most powerful and largest vaping devices. In addition, most vape mods come with tanks built for direct-to-lung inhaling, which is not what you want as a beginner.
  1. Disposable Vape: A disposable vape is a one-time use vaping device with no rechargeable battery or refilled tank or pod. Disposable vapes are commonly rated for 200 or 400 puff.
  1. For optimal convenience, choose a device with a built-in battery. A device with a removable battery and 510 thread battery costs more since the battery must be purchased separately. You’ll also need to learn how to store, charge, and move your replaceable batteries properly. variable voltage 510 battery
  1. Look for a gadget that has a simple & straightforward control scheme so that you can get started using it right away. The ideal device is usually an auto-firing device that produces the vapor when you puff. A gadget with a single-button control method may be suitable for a novice. A gadget with a manual fire button will produce more giant vapor clouds, but it will be more challenging to use than one that fires automatically.
  1. Look for a gadget that allows you to breathe through your mouth instead of your nose. Almost every pod system is made to be inhaled through the mouth. With higher-nicotine e-liquids, mouth-to-lung inhalation works best, and it’s the most like smoking a cigarette. When buying a vape pen, one needs to consider the size of the tank’s mouthpiece to see which inhaling method it’s suitable for. The tank is ideal for you if the mouthpiece is narrow, similar to a cigarette filter.
  1. One of the most enjoyable aspects of vaping is selecting and experimenting with different e-liquids. There is no such thing as a terrible or good e-liquid flavor; the best e-liquid flavor will differ from person to person. Always buy your e-liquid from a reliable vendor, though. Regarding e-juice, quality (and occasionally brand) matters a lot. AquaVape was recently named one of the top e-liquid brands in the United Kingdom, with the AV Fresh Menthol flavor receiving particular praise.
  1. Insist on top-notch service all of the time. It would help if you never skimped on quality to save a few bucks when it comes to vaping. With high-quality hardware, the user’s safety is assured, and so is the product’s longevity. It means that using high-quality e-liquids will not endanger your health.


We hope these few recommendations have clarified the factors to consider while selecting your first vape equipment.