We all know that exercise is important to a healthy body and lifestyle, but you may not be aware of some Supplemental Ways to Enhance Your Exercise Routine. There are many supplements and holistic resources to help you make the most out of your exercise routine, so you meet your personal and health-related goals.

Supplemental Ways to Enhance Your Exercise Routine

Understanding Supplements

It can be all too easy to get sucked into the world of dietary and body building supplements, so be careful. Some supplements really can help with things like weight loss and building muscle mass, while others are more related to money-making schemes. Always look for FDA approved options because the contents will be regulated. In fact, the FDA published helpful guidelines for finding safe supplements.


When possible, look online for scientific studies about their positive and negative effects of supplements you are considering. Avoid sales sites in favor of government (.gov) and academic (.edu) sites to lessen the chance of sponsored or biased information.


Dietary Benefits

Eating a well-balanced diet doesn’t just affect weight. When you exercise, your body relies on the nutrients you consume to keep your muscles and organs working effectively. Filling your plate with nutritious foods and drinking plenty of water will help you on multiple levels.


Whole foods are always great for your body, but you’ll want to follow different dietary guidelines depending on your fitness goals. If your goal is building muscle, you’ll want to follow specific guidelines that vary with your routine and fitness progress. If you’re working out for weight loss, there are certain foods you should eat before and after your workout; for instance, an energy bar might give your muscles a much needed boost. Do some experimenting to determine what works well for your body and your routine.


Consider Cannabis

As cannabis usage becomes decriminalized in more states across the country, people are starting to pay attention to how THC and CBD can affect other aspects of users’ lives. Exercise is one area of interest. According to David Perl Mutter, MD, there is no consensus on the effectiveness or safety of cannabis usage, but there is research that supports its use for pain relief and inflammation.


THC can also mimic or enhance the “runner’s high” many people feel during and after physical activity. Although THC typically works itself out of your blood system within seven days or so, the chemical is actually stored in fat cells. When you work out, this residual THC is released into your system. Some studies have found that regular marijuana smokers actually experience up to a 34 percent increase in THC levels after a strenuous workout without causing significant impairment.


Many people have negative associations with cannabis, THC, and CBD, but it is important to have an open mind and take the time to research both the pros and cons. You may find that you change your mind on this issue, and choose to explore the health benefits for yourself.


Exercise Your Body & Mind

There is a strong connection between the mind and the body, so adding mindfulness practices to your exercise routine can be very beneficial. Physical exercise has been shown to decrease anxiety, and so does mindfulness. Imagine what they can do together! Very Well Fit cites the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, saying “that mindful fitness can improve breathing, heart rate, and parasympathetic activity,” which are all important for overall health.


If you’re unsure how to integrate mindfulness into your routine, try yoga, Tai Chi, or mindful running. Or you can simply integrate mindfulness into your current routine.


There are many ways, both traditional and alternative, to enhance your exercise experience. With some planning, you could see some great results even if you feel like your body and routine have become a little stagnant. One additional way to increase your physical activity is to learn the walk score of particular areas, especially if you are looking to relocate or start a job in a new area. The walk score is how walk-able a particular area is, and it can help you integrate walking throughout your day, not just as a dedicated exercise activity.


There are many ways beyond the traditional gym routine that can increase your activity levels. Whether you choose traditional methods, like supplements, or less traditional routes like meditation or marijuana, it’s important that you pay attention to how each affects your mind and body. These observations can help you determine what is most beneficial for your goals. Just be careful about what you choose, and talk to your doctor to avoid complications.



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