GRO YOUR OWN at HOME SOIL MIX   is a  blend of the finest materials available for growing cannabis at home and they’re readily available either online or at your local soil mix distributor or garden store.

With only checking PH, you’ll be able to use your GYO Soil Mix two or three times so you can keep your costs down.

You Can Mix Your Own Soil Mix  For plants, seeds or clones, this is a the perfect combination and when used with Dyna-Gro nutrients, you’ll have the best plants ever.

  1. 2.8 cubic feet size bag or bale of Pro-Mix Mycorrhizae
  2. 16 quarts of Black Gold (worm compost)
  3. About 6 quarts of Perlite


Soil mix to grow weed indoors

Previous to the soil and nutrient mix I use now, I always had deficiencies one way or another. Now all my plants are lush, green, and full with dense, heavy buds that are as sticky as glue.


I don’t even include nutrient deficiencies in my how to grow eBook because I don’t have any.


Use my soil mix along with Dyna-Gro and you won’t have any too.


Mixing your soil indoors can be a challenge so try some of these tips

  • Start with spreading a small tarp on the floor.
  • Open your bale of Pro-Mix and slowly empty it in the middle of the tarp.
  • Use a spray bottle and spray water to help keep the dust down.
  • Add about 4 quarts of perlite then add 16 quarts of Black Gold.
  • Mix it up and it’s ready to use.
  • Optional: hang a few, yellow, sticky pest strips above your open mix for a day or two to catch pests just in case you have some.


Mix your soil on a tarp

This mix along with Dyna-Gro nutrients can be used to start seeds, clones or transplanting. In fact, my clone success rate is up from 65% to near 100% since I evolved into using this mix and the nutrients.







These are the fabric grow bags, Pro Mix, Black Gold, Perlite and Jiffy peat rings I use

These are the products I use from Dyna-Gro. IMO Dyna-Gro is not only the best, it’s the easiest to use.


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