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Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro


Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro is used during the vegetative cycle for your plants, seedlings and clones. When I first started growing, I only used plain water for my seeds, seedlings and clones thinking that was best and had fairly good success. The day I started using Foliage Pro my success rate shot up to 99%! Search Google right now for the best nutrients for Cannabis. I tried them all over the course of many years growing in 3 different rooms with different crops. Dyna-Gro out performed them all plus it’s the easiest to use. Price shown for 32 oz bottle. Order some today.


Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro is the finest nutrient money can buy for the vegetative cycle for your plants, seedlings and clones. I’ve been using it for several years and it helps makes growing cannabis a breeze.  Use it with your GRO Your Own Soil Mix for superb plants. You’ll see the different sizes available for Foliage Pro when you click the green order button. Get some Pro-TeKt too for hardier plants to hold up your massive buds you’ll be growing.


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