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Popular Concepts Where the Delivery of Weed Is the Norm



Under global laws, the cultivation, possession, and supply of cannabis should only be allowed for scientific studies and medicinal reasons. In many countries the use of cannabis for personal use is illegal and considered a crime, sometimes leading to imprisonment. In the past few years, however, the use of this plant has become legalized now, more so than ever and in over 20 different countries. But, still within a controlled environment.


Which country deems it legal and which one doesn’t is at the discretion of its government and policies thereof coupled with the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, approved in 1961, that regulates it. A list of the regions that have legalized and ones that are yet to do so can be found on this page.


For those countries that have deemed it a minor violation or abolished any penalties altogether, a lot of individuals and companies have taken advantage of this and sought after the monetary value of such a priced possession.


Availability of Marijuana Since It Was Legalized


As mentioned above, since this substance was legalized, a lot of people have taken advantage of the concept and built around it, to sell it to the public in many forms. Some of the popular idea that has been established keeping ‘weed’ in mind, include:


Cafes and Coffeeshops


One of the famous places that have had this on-going ‘tradition’ for decades is in the Netherlands. Here you can walk into weed-cafes and order from the menu for personal consumption and purchase it for use later. This concept started in the 1970s and has remained and grown extensible.


Not all municipalities allow this in the whole of the Netherlands, but Amsterdam has a majority of these type of venues because it is such a popular tourist area. When last checked it has just over 590 different coffee shops and one-third of these offered or delivered marijuana to its customers. The only reason why they still exist is that they have a license and need to abide by strict protocols requested by the government.



Weed delivery



Social Clubs for Cannabis


The second popular concept is the cannabis social club(s), idea, conjured up by a group of different users. They go by the concept that if one can do it so can 20. As expected, the government is not a fan of this idea. Spain, however, has been trying to get this regulation passed by its supreme court, which holds a strong stand-point about cultivating and distributing it, which if limits are surpassed, could end up under the category of drug-trafficking.


Licensed Growing Suppliers


Many growers that have licenses, and that supply retail stores with warrants, are considered safe. This concept has been allowed in some of the states in the USA and Canada for weed delivery such as from similar sites like, however, the rest of the world may not be too far behind.


Other than that, if the government grows and supplies it, it is considered a legal trade. It would do this by contracting a specific number of growers within controlled environments and they can supply it to outlets. A popular notion in Uruguay who has also just started selling it in pharmacies across the country.


If you’re wondering whether you can grow weed at home, to supply to others, only small amounts are permitted by seven of the 8 states except for D.C. where they have allowed this.


It’s a tricky slope when you read about all the information online and in various sources, there doesn’t seem to be a definite line drawn around the legal framework surrounding this product and its by-products too. There have been numerous debates on the table, none of which have had any positive conclusions, especially regarding if one can sell it openly, how much can you sell and to whom. So, for now, we will keep watching this space.


There are a lot of referendums about to take place this year, in 2010 amongst several countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Italy, and Sweden. It seems like there have been positive changes made and slowly but surely some countries are into the idea of legalizing it and beginning to open some gates. One can say there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon!