There are a wide array of lights to use depending on your budget.


CFL bulbs and T5 lights with clamp holder
CFL T5 Clamp Holder

Small CFL bulbs in a clamp holder are cheap, run cool and will grow plants in both cycles; vegetative and flowering. Use a 6400k lumens for the vegetative cycle and 2700k lumens for the flowering cycle. Place the lights as close as possible to the plants without burning the leaves.


The downside to using CFL for growing your weed will be plant/bud size and yield. It’s definitely a good way to start because it’s cheap and you’ll have some pot to smoke when you start your second grow using a more powerful light.

T5’s are similar to CFL’s. They run cooler and are less expensive but in our opinion, the size and yield they help produce is too low.


HID or high intensity discharge bulbs were the light source of choice for most growers but that is starting to change. HID lights need a ballast, are hot and use quite a bit of electricity. Always wear cloth gloves when handling HID bulbs so you don’t leave fingerprints.

MH or Metal Halide bulbs are used for the vegetative cycle of growing and come in various WATTS.

HPS or High Pressure Sodium bulbs are used for the flowering cycle of growing and also come in various WATTS.

If you’re using HID lighting we suggest using an electronic switchable ballast that will run both MH and HPS bulbs. It will also allow you to run the bulbs at 50, 75 or 100% of power if necessary.


We are showing Apollo bulbs and ballast because we use them and have found them to be reliable as well as inexpensive compared to others. The ballast run cooler because they have a built in cooling fan. If you’re going to use  HID lighting, check out the Apollo brand for ballasts, bulbs and bulb fixture hood.

LED lights have been around for awhile now and as anything, there are various opinions on which light spectrum to use but the verdict is in. LED’s are great, the plants love them and do not stretch, the yields are high, the lights run cool and use half of the electricity HID lighting uses.



LED lights in a nutshell; they are the lights to use to grow weed indoors and we have made the switch and are having fantastic results.

And even better, the prices have been dropping for lights coming from China. How about an 800 WATT LED for $175.00. You just can’t beat it  and the savings on your electricity bill will pay for the lights in a couple of months.

King LED lights
King 800 WATT LED

Roughly speaking, to run about 1500 WATTS of HD lighting will cost approximately $175.00 per month. Running 3300 WATTS of LED lighting is costing about $80.00 per month.

Some LED manufactures, namely in the US, claim the LED’s from China are using the wrong spectrum and that the lights are of lower quality. The US manufactures charge around $1200.00 for about 800 WATTS versus under $200 for the King you see pictured.


We’re sure the US lights are in fact better but their price is nuts. Since we have been using LED’s from China for over a year with results as good if not better than HD lights, we will continue to use them until the US manufactures start lowering their price.

Make sure you keep sunglasses in your grow room as you will definitely feel it in your eyes if you don’t wear protection.

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