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How CBD Oil Improves Mental Health

Many people from time to time have mental health issues or concerns ranging from anxiety to depression, stress, schizophrenia and so on. This can be caused by several factors including trauma, stress, isolation, death of a loved one, lifestyle, and drugs. Even work can add to mental stress. Mental disorders can affect a person’s ability to function optimally and cause a whole lot of problems in a person’s work, education or relationships.

In recent times, a remedy that has worked and is being promoted for the treatment of this condition is CBD oil.

A Look at this Oil

CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant. It is extracted from the leaves, seed, stem, and flowers of the plant. It contains cannabidiol which is one of the several substances and compounds found in hemp. Although CBD and its derivatives, including the oil, are still objects of ongoing research, much has been said of its uses and how beneficial it is. One of the many benefits is how it helps to improve mental health. You can read more about it here.

Before proceeding on how it improves mental health, the paradox of it all is worth discussing. We are referring to using a substance gotten from cannabis (a plant that has been the cause of mental issues in many) to solve a mental issue. As it turns out, there are different types of cannabis plants. Some like marijuana contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is what gives cannabis its psychoactive effect that can make a person high. Hemp plants do not contain this substance so it is safe to use. More so, it is illegal to use a substance whose THC level is more than 0.3%.

Having cleared the air on this, let us now see how it works.


How CBD Oil Works


How CBD Oil Works

The body is a container for complex systems and organs which function in part depending on each other and also on certain “rules”. For example, one basic rule of the body is the heart must pump blood and it will circulate in the body. If this rule is not obeyed for any reason, a person will most certainly die. Other rules may not lead to death but lead to health issues if not obeyed. Part of these health issues is mental disorders.

The body contains a system called the endocannabinoid system, or ECS for short, which plays a major role in balancing the body’s very important functions. These functions include our moods, appetite, sleep, bowel movement, memory, metabolism, and so on. The ECS maintains the body’s biological harmony in response to external factors like stress and physical changes.

The body produces its endocannabinoid like anandamide and 2-AG naturally to make this system work perfectly. It reacts to environmental changes by producing these substances to counteract the effects of the external changes like stress. When the body cannot produce a sufficient quantity to guard against these external factors, it then becomes a problem. Using the “rules” analogy again. This is a simple rule. The ECS produces substances to counter stress. When it cannot produce these substances for any reason, then, stress prevails.

When CBD oil is used, it kind of supports and empowers the ECS by blocking the endocannabinoids from breaking down and instead be available for use when the body needs them. You can get more information here: https://www.healtheuropa.eu/cbd-understanding-how-cbd-works-with-our-bodies/96718/.

Its Uses

In this light, CBD oil can be used to stop or reduce the following:


This is a common issue in these modern times. It could be due to several different factors. Stress can lead to other issues like emotional and physical problems including lack of sleep, low energy, lack of motivation, etc. When CBD oil is used, it interacts with the ECS in the body and helps to secrete enzymes, hormones, endorphins and other important substances needed by the body to combat stress.

Lack of Cognitive Function

The cognitive function refers to how we as humans learn and acquire knowledge through thoughts, experiences and the senses. It also deals with how we, in turn, use this to function in our day to day activities. A lot of mental disorders are due to chemical imbalances in the body especially the brain and this may affect the way we think, perceive and learn new things. Regular usage of CBD oil helps to drastically improve this by stimulating the central nervous system and also helping improve a person’s self-awareness.


A lack of sleep can lead to mental issues like depression, anxiety and lack of focus. On the other hand, quality sleep helps renew, rejuvenate and reproduce body substances that are necessary to maintain proper mental conditions. CBD oil helps to relax the nerves and this results in one being able to fall asleep, rest, be refreshed and good to go.

A word of caution

There are many health benefits to using CBD oil but you must endeavor to not only use the purest form of the oil but also the right dosage. If this is not adhered to, you may experience side effects like dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, change in appetite, and diarrhea. If you are wondering where to buy high-quality CBD oil, you can get from reputable suppliers like Cheef Botanicals. Check out their official webpage for all your CBD products.


It has been established that CBD oil has plenty of benefits which are good for mental health. Using a quality product as a daily supplement with the right dosages will help improve your mental health in so many ways.

Remember to consult with your physician if you are under any medication to be sure you can use CBD oil with it.

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