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I’ve tried a few different methods of handling seedlings and clones, and in my opinion, it’s best to use peat rings for seeds; they can work well for smaller clones, too.

I want to handle the seeds, sprouts, and clones as little as possible, and once the seed or clone is in the ring, it’s easy to transplant it into a larger pot.

Transplanting Seeds


To avoid transplanting twice, I transplant the seedling deeper into the final pot. Fill your final pot halfway with the soil mix.

Thoroughly moisten the soil, carve out a space in the middle, pour in a little extra water, and place your peat ring inside.

Press it down a little and then backfill it with soil, completely covering it while keeping the seedling leaves from touching the soil. If needed, trim the leaf a little bit.

Then, as the plant grows taller, trim the shoots on the lower stem as they grow, and add more soil. You can take clones at this time, too.

Continue adding soil as needed as the plant grows, stopping when the soil reaches about 2 inches from the top of the pot.

You want to leave a couple of inches at the top of the pot to make it easier and not so messy when you stir the soil and clean out dead leaves, etc.

By the time your plant is ready to flower, you’ll have a main stem that’s strong enough to hold up a Volkswagen.

Transplanting Clones


Small clones grown in the peat rings can be transplanted the same way as the seeds.

For your larger clones grown in the bigger pots, have a watered hole ready in your final pot, place one hand over the top of the pot, and turn the pot upside down.

Give it some taps if necessary; the little ball of soil and root system should slide out.

Place it into the final pot, backfill with soil, and give it a good watering. Be as gentle as you can.

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