In this video I’m going to discuss Topping Your Plants

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If you top while the plant is just a few weeks old, you’ll get multiple stems, which is very desirable.  Growing correctly, you’ll have a number of big fat buds at the top of each stem.

If you top (when the plant is 6’ tall for example) because your plant is getting too tall for your room, it will pretty much stop growing upward.

You can also tie a string near the top of the plant, pull the string to bend the plant over a little and then clip the other end of the string to the side of the pot.

If you keep the area around the bottom of your main stem clean by pinching off little sprouts, your plant won’t waste its energy growing tiny buds which really aren’t worth the time, and you’ll also have denser and larger buds higher up the stem.

It is recommended to have a plant with at least 2 nice vertical branches; top once for 2 branches or top twice for 3 or 4 extra branches.

After your first topping, wait until the shoots start growing then top them again.

If you have room and a 30-gallon pot, you could grow a 5-foot tree by topping every branch and keeping the inside of the tree fairly clean of shoots, and etc.

Your yield could be huge, and I plan on trying it one of these days.

If you top, you want to cut the little shoot growing in between a pair of larger shoots. It’s hard to explain, so the picture is worth a thousand words.

You can also only cut 1/2 of the new shoot, and this will add even more growth.

There is another method which is called Scrogging. I don’t do it, I would get a higher yield but I don’t want to mess with setting up the screen.

Search that term and you’ll see how others use it. In a nutshell, you mount a screen above your plants with about one inch square openings.

As your plant grows, you pull the stems into the square openings. This will train those stems to grow straight up toward the lights, giving you many flowering stems at the top of a plant.

You’ll end up with a larger yield, but getting the amount I get is plenty for me, so I just don’t bother with Scrogging.

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