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In this video I’m going to discuss Pests.

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Bugs are a pain, and if they move in and you leave them alone, they’ll wipe your plants out in no time.

Most of the pests come into your grow room from the potting mix or amendments you use.

I’ve found that very moist mixes out of the bag are a HUGE problem when it comes to pests, and that’s precisely why I use Gro Your Own growing mix.

It’s not quite as dry as your mouth after a few hits from Girl Scout Cookies but it's close, and I’ve never found a pest in one of the bags I’ve purchased over the last six years.

That said bugs can also enter via your windows, pets, clothes, shoes, etc. Just in case, I always have a few yellow sticky strips hanging from the ceiling in my grow room.

Still, accidents happen, and you might just find that you prefer a moist soil. I recommend two ways to keep control of pests if you’re unlucky enough to get them.

If you do use a soil mix that’s moist, before you fill your pots, spread the mix out on a tarp and hang a few yellow sticky fly strips above it.

Agitate the soil a few times each day, trying to get any pests to jump up or take flight. They will be attracted to the yellow strips.

You can also use sticky yellow sheets, placing them on top of the soil in the pots.

Scrape the surface of the soil with a fork every once in a while and get the buggers jumping or flying directly into your sticky strips, too.

Start this process when your plants are babies, and you’ll put a dent in the pest population.

If you’re having trouble controlling pests with just the sticky strips, use natural Neem Oil from Dyna Gro. One or two applications should take care of your pest problem.

Neem Oil is wonderful for dealing with bugs; it’s natural, and I’ve used it with great success. Just follow the directions on the bottle.

I spray it on. It doesn’t have the greatest smell, but it’s not a deal breaker and it works like a charm. I spray it on top and underneath all of the leaves if I need to use it.

I’ll do it two days in a row, starting just before I’m ready to water.

If the pest situation doesn’t improve, spray them every other day until it does. Under no circumstances should you use any type of an insecticide.

Remember, you’ll be smoking, vaping, or cooking with your pot.

Simply, you don’t want dangerous chemicals anywhere near your plants, which is why you want to use Neem Oil.

I have killed/gotten rid of everything I’ve needed to address with Neem Oil.

If you have something that Neem Oil doesn’t work on, I suggest you dispose of your plants and soil, and wash all of you pots and tools outside.

Clean your grow room and try again.

The one bug I do want around? I encourage Ladybugs to hang around my grow room.

I’m so lucky in my area there are literally hundreds that come in every fall.

They eat all kinds of bugs, and after years of living with them, I’ve found that they’ve never damaged any of my plants but the little buggers do bite.

Another thing to keep an eye on is dead material. Don't let any dead leaves or any other organic material from your plants lay around.

That will attract bugs so you’ll want to remove it immediately.

Also, make sure not to use anything on top of your soil (like mulch) when growing indoors. You'll just get more bugs and mold if you do use it.

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