Harvesting and Curing

In this video I’m going to discuss Harvesting and Curing Your Buds

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When your plants pass the trichomes test, they are ready to harvest.

The top image in this section is an example of trichomes on a plant that is NOT ready for harvesting. They do look great but are not quite ready.

Wait until they start turning amber in color as shown in the 2nd photo. You want at least 50% of them amber in color.

While the plant is still in the pot close to harvest time, I’ll start trimming off the large leaves. It’s a little easier to trim this way.

Keep your thumb nail long because pinching works great too.

When harvesting I cut the plant branch by branch and trim all of the leaves protruding from the buds, and trim or pull off all other leaves and shoots growing from the stem.

You can choose to trim after they have dried out if you prefer but it’s advised because it makes a hard job twice as hard.

Hang your branches upside down (have no idea if this is important or not, I just do it) in a dark closest or other such enclosure so that they can start drying out.

They will be ready to cure in glass jars with lids in about 10 to 21 days.

When a regular sized branch snaps when you bend it, your buds are ready to go in jars for curing. Trim each bud off the stem and place them in your jars.

If you decide to grow 30 or 40 plants, you’ll have your work cut out for you because that will take a hell of a lot of trimming.



Cut the buds off the branch and place them in clean glass jars that seal. A jar with a rubber gasket like a canning jar works well.

Use cleaned sauce jars (for instance), too. Every day, open the jar for a couple of minutes and let the moisture escape then put the lid back on.

I store my jars in the fridge. The curing process takes another 2 weeks but could be longer.

If you really want to fire something up fast, take a bud and dry it out using an oil-filled space heater. Place your moist buds on a piece of copy paper.

Place another piece of paper on top of the buds and cover it up with a newspaper. If you have dried buds that don’t crumble the right way to roll a joint, they’ll be ready to roll in 10 minutes.

If you have fresh-picked buds, it will take much longer, but you’ll have weed ready to smoke in around 45 minutes or so.

Set an alarm so you don’t forget about your buds or they’ll be dryer than your mouth after a joint of Cheese Surprise.

If they do get too dry, pick a few leaves from a growing plant and throw them in a plastic bag along with the dried out buds. They’ll absorb some moisture in a short while and be fine.


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