How to Invest in the Legalized Marijuana Industry With GRMD

The legalized marijuana investment opportunity in 2018 is just like the beginnings of the beer and liquor industry when prohibition ended. Think about this; what would your investment be worth today if you could have invested in beer/alcohol back then?

What will investments made in the marijuana industry today be worth in twenty years? I can’t say for sure but I’ll bet anyone it will be worth substantially more and you won’t believe how fast time goes by.

Mark Twain would recommend selling containers, testing equipment, real estate,  soil mix, pots, lights and nutrients (and he would be correct) but there are many other ways for the astute investor to cash in on this relatively new industry, legalized marijuana.

Federal law prohibits the sale or possession of weed, but many states, 30 as of this writing (plus Washington, D.C.) allow its citizens to use it to help alleviate the distress from many illnesses like multiple sclerosis and epilepsy and also helps cancer patients get through the nauseating experience of chemo therapy.

Eight states allow the use of weed just to get high and there are many with ongoing discussions figuring out how far they want to go concerning the legalization of marijuana.

States get all kinds of money from the legalization of cannabis; from licensing fees to taxes and you know politicians love new revenue streams they can blow. With the tax numbers being reported from Colorado and Washington being off the charts, it won’t be long before the other state  legislatures figure out how to legalize it one way or another so they too can cash in on the tax windfall.

Thus; it’s safe to say, legalization is here to stay.

The industry on the whole is estimated to be in the $2 billion gross sale range based on results from 2014, employing thousands of people while the actual reach of this industry hasn’t even been calculated yet.

Every industry from plastics to how to books will benefit and as more of the unemployed start working, states will be fighting over new companies looking to set up shop in a legal and tax friendly state.

Other industries that will join the boom include insurance, legal, accounting, medical and advertising as well as the “picks and shovels” of the business.

One industry that is not in the industry is banking and with good reason. As long as marijuana is illegal on the federal level, banks can’t work with the cannabis business which puts them in a bind.

Everything they do revolves around cash money and when I say cash, I’m talking about $100 bills. They need extra security, transportation, labor etc. to handle all the cash. Not only is handling cash a pain, the expense of it is added to the retail price of the product putting the additional expense of it on the backs of the retail consumer.

If there was ever an opportunity for a banking related business to gain a foot hold in this brand new industry, it’s right now and that’s what Green Med is doing.

Green Med, has a smart phone APP that gives the retail user a way to pay for their purchase using a credit or debit card from their smart phone at the same time allowing the business to accept the payment electronically without the need for a cash transaction.

Green Med uses tokens; symbol GRMD and the average investor can purchase the Ethereum backed tokens on crypto currency exchanges.

During the initial coin offering (ICO) in the fall of 2017, the coin was priced at .20 cents. Since they weren’t listed on a major exchange yet, it’s predicted that when they do, their value will sky rocket in price from 20 cents to a few dollars each or even as high as 12 dollars each.

That price may be a pipe dream but on the smaller exchanges of and, GRMD’s are selling between the ranges of .50 cents to $1.12 each.

You can purchase GRMD right now on the Coin Exchange.  The time to buy them is now, before they are listed on the Hitbtc exchange which is much larger and will bring many new people.

Because the price is so low, anyone can invest in GRMD’s for as little as $20.00 just to get a taste of the action.  Think of it like this; a $20 investment in Bitcoin when it was trading for $1.00 each is worth about $228,452.00 today.

Do your due diligence and check out GRMD today.