Cannabis Seed 420 Early Bird Sale

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Cannabis Seed 420 Early Bird Sale; I’ve been buying marijuana seeds from Robert Bergman’s website for several  years and each and every purchase I’ve made has been perfect!! If you need seeds why take a chance and buy from someone without an authentic recommendation from me?



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I’ve been screwed before buying seeds and there is nothing worse so stick with this cannabis seed website for […]

Growing Marijuana from Bag Seeds

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I have long been a proponent of growing marijuana from bag seeds for a couple of good reasons but, as times change, so does the evolution of seeds which  recently  made me re-evaluate my bag seed position.

First of all using bag seed saves you a lot of money because you don’t have to buy seeds. Seed prices are basically $10 per seed. All the sellers have deals etc., but for the most part 10 bucks is the going price.

Since you […]

Special Delivery New Strain Release Just In Time For Christmas!

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Special Delivery New Strain Release Just In Time For Christmas. Hi there,Santa has brought an early special gift this year! I am excited to announce I’ve been buying marijuana seeds from Robert Bergman Do-Si-Dos seeds are now available in the shop and to celebrate this delicious new addition, it’s now on sale along with the other 12 […]

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

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How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online; Where and how in the United States of America can marijuana seeds be purchased? Buying marijuana seeds online, to the best of my knowledge, is the only way to acquire the seeds you need to grow your own marijuana.

Royal Queen Seeds

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Royal Queen Seeds is located in Europe with 3 locations. They currently have three physical store locations; with two stores in Amsterdam (Damstraat and Haarlemmerstraat) and one store in Barcelona, Carrer de Tallers.

According to their website Royal Queen Seeds does not ship to the USA but it’s interesting that they have a drop down on their site with a teaser headline about news for California so I’m guessing they will open a shipping center to handle USA […]

Seven OG Kush Bag Seeds True Story

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IT’S CRAZY HOW I GREW 48 FEMALE PLANTS STARTING WITH  SEVEN OG KUSH BAG SEED I FOUND. Do you every now and then have to buy weed because you ran out of your home grown? I do actually, mostly my fault though from improper planning, smoke too much, lazy, etc.; of course it’s illegal here and to top it all off it’s too hot to grow indoors during the summer.

The Best Cannabis Seed Bank

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Buy Marijuana/Cannabis Seeds in the USA/United States at the The Best Cannabis Seed Bank. In my opinion anyone who wants to peacefully protest the absurd cannabis laws in the USA by growing their own weed have a problem to overcome;  which cannabis seed bank is the best one to buy seeds from?

Since I’ve personally been ripped off before, my opinion about a honest seed bank has a lot of weight behind it and I strongly suggest […]

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

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I purchased my Girl Scout Cookies Extreme feminized cannabis seeds from Robert Bergman’s I Love Growing Marijuana website. He carries many types of regular, feminized and auto flower seeds and ships to the United States.

I continue to purchase from Bergman anytime I need seeds because every purchase I’ve made over the years has always been perfect and the plants I grow are awesome.

I don’t like to take chances so I stick with him.

I chose […]

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