The History of Hemp Top 14 Dates

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One plant that has been at the center of human agricultural history for over 10,000 years is Hemp. A wide range of industries have used Hemp to revolutionize their business. It has been farmed for seeds, stalks and leaves; from fuel to textiles to the arts. Because the government has falsely compared Hemp to its cousin botanically speaking, Marijuana, it has not been farmed until recently after a long layoff. Here is The History of Hemp and the Top 14 […]

Growing Indoor Hemp

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Growing Indoor Hemp Cannabis Many CBD users will find and buy CBD flower for sale online, but want to make sure it is high quality hemp.  So you may want to grow some premium hemp and you want to do it indoors for high quality. Well alright then!


The passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 made the hemp plant federally legal for consumption, cultivation, and distribution. This comes on the […]

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