Cannabis as an Alternative Medication

At present, the use of cannabis for medical purposes has not yet been approved worldwide. Entities such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), for example, does not recognize this plant, although more and more countries have been recognizing all the therapeutic properties that cannabis has.

In many countries, the purchase and sale of cannabis seeds has been legalized, but sometimes, their germination is not allowed. For example, the Critical Plus seeds has a powerful physical effect that gives you the possibility to relax. Therefore, it is a plant widely used for therapeutic purposes, especially in people who suffer from depression, stress, anxiety, as well as other disorders.

What seems contradictory is that after many scientific investigations carried out on cannabinoids, one of the chemical substances of cannabis, two drugs have been manufactured that have this substance as their main ingredient, which are used as alternative treatment for a variety of diseases and pathologies.

What is the contradiction? That the FDA does not approve the use of cannabis, but it does approve these drugs that have been made with a main substance of cannabis. There, it can be seen that the incidence of this plant on health is high and its use as alternative medication is totally valid.

The medications that have been approved and contain a high level of THC are Dronabinol and Nabilone, which have been developed as alternative medications. The first one to control nausea, which is one of the symptoms of patients undergoing chemotherapy, and the second one as a treatment to increase appetite in patients who have lost considerable weight due to AIDS.

The substances in cannabis that are a fundamental part of its use as an alternative medication are the cannabinoids THC and CBD. Among the benefits of THC is the reduction of inflammation and thus the reduction of pain, which is ideal for muscle problems.

In contrast, CBD stands out from THC because it does not have mind-altering properties, but it is still highly beneficial in reducing inflammation, minimizing severe pain, controlling seizures, and is even effective in treating mental illness and addiction.

One of the cannabis seeds rich in TCH is the already mentioned Critical Plus, a type of feminized seed, with Indica dominance that can be placed among the main ones of cannabis because they develop easily and with great production, besides having good aromatic and taste qualities.

There are many investigations that relate cannabis with the destruction of cancer cells and to treat diseases such as: AIDS, multiple sclerosis (MS) mental disorders, among others.  Fortunately, studies continue and new discoveries of the power that cannabis has as an alternative medication are emerging.



NOTE: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.