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The second preventable mistake many new growers make is using too much/many nutrients when growing pot indoors.

Less is always better when it comes to the stuff you add to your soil. Be sure to follow the directions on any product you buy.

For example: If a nutrient mix calls for 1/2 tsp. in one gallon of water, don’t think 1 tsp. will work 50% better. You’re wasting your money – and probably killing your plant, as well.

I’ve tried most of the popular names in the nutrient industry and have come to the conclusion that Dyna-Gro products are the best in the business.

Using them along with the GRO Your Own at Home Soil Mix has given me the best plants I’ve ever had.

Know this: Nutrients are applied when you water your plants.

Using empty gallon jugs from the spring water I buy for personal use, I fill the jugs with water from a nearby shower nozzle and then use a plastic syringe to transfer the nutrients from their bottle to the jug of water.

I suggest doing 4 gallons at once; it just takes a few minutes to add your nutrient, give it a good shake, and then you’re ready to water and feed your plants.

I have done foliage feeding before and never really noticed a difference in plant growth.

What I did notice, however, was the mess and the smell from spraying. Instead, I just spray water on the leaves from time to time of course when the lights are moved out of the way.

For the Vegetative Cycle
One of the worst things you can do is believe all the mumbo jumbo about nutrients and Marijuana plants. You need 16 micro and macro nutrients for your girls and that’s it.

What’s more, many of the formulations sold don’t or can’t provide all 16 of them at once, so you have to combine 3 different products to get them.

If you pick and choose among them, there’s a very good chance the proportions will be incorrect when you do… which is the exact reason I use DYNA-GRO for my girls.

In my opinion, this is the only company with the correct proportional formulas for optimal cannabis growing.

Look how simple it is:

I use 1 tsp. of Pro-TeKt and 1 tsp. (5 ml.) of Foliage-Pro.

Pro-TeKt gives me a tougher leaf, and a hardier plant to help it withstand bugs and the weight of the buds. Foliage-Pro has the most complete cannabis vegetative cycle nutrition formula of any product sold.

One Note about Pro-TeKt: It can increase your PH, so be sure to test your soil, especially when you re-use it for subsequent grows.

This nutrient mix should be used for seedlings and clones. If you follow our soil mix and nutrient recommendations, you will grow the best plants you’ve ever had.

Two weeks before starting the flowering cycle, add 1 tsp. (5 ml.) of Mag-Bloom to your nutrient mix and then add it in every other week thereafter.

When reusing this soil mix: If the PH is high, add 1 tablespoon of hydrated lime into a gallon of water and use this for your first watering without any other nutrients.

The PH for weed should be kept between 6.0 and 6.5.

For the Flowering Cycle
I use 1 tsp. of Pro-TeKt and 1 tsp. (5 ml.) of Foliage-Pro per gallon of water. Two weeks before flowering starts, I’ll start adding 1 tsp. of Mag-Pro to every other watering.

NOTE: For the April 2018 grow, I'm going to stop using Foliage-Pro and switch to Bloom, another Dyna-Gro formulation. I will continue to use Mag-Pro for every other watering.

Mag-Pro is a sulfur and magnesium booster that helps the plants form dense and large buds.

I watch my plants closely and try to calculate the harvest date in advance so that I have an idea of when to stop feeding nutrients.

Your reefer will always taste better if you go the last couple weeks of their growing life nutrient-free, only watering with plain water.

Note: Plants will require more water as they grow larger and the root system fully develops.

After flowering starts, particularly after about 30 days, your plants will need even more water and you’ll have to watch them closely, you can never let them go dry during this stage.

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  1. Hi Caroline

    Thanks for the comment and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

    I can’t say this enough, using Dyna-Gro has given me perfect plants. I’m not kidding. I don’t even write about nutrient deficiencies because I don’t have any. Go to any cannabis forum and there are literally thousands of posts asking the question; what’s wrong with my plant.

    Slowly but surely we’ll keep spreading the news.

    We’ll talk soon.

  2. Hey there… guess who? It’s Caroline at Dyna-Gro! Thank you so much for your faith in our products. We are so happy when someone else, besides us, sings our products praises! It’s simple, It’s science, it’s economical and it friggin works!!!

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