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BRONZE MEMBERSHIP LEVEL: In this video I’m going to discuss Mold Control.

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Mold can be a HUGE problem because of the humidity and heat involved in growing your own indoors. If you don’t have enough air flow in the grow room and you don’t take care of it you're certain to have it.

The mold that grows on the soil, seed, sprout, or peat rings looks kind of furry or fuzzy.

It’s pretty obvious and, when you see it, you need to wipe/scrape it off and dispose of it immediately – and wash your hands.

Then, remove a little of the underlying soil with the scrape, let that area dry a little before watering again, and keep your eyes on it. Then continue to scrape away the soil if you see more mold.

The mold that grows on the leaves looks almost like powder and will wipe off if you rub it.

If you catch it fast enough on just a couple of leaves, cut those off immediately and get them out of your grow room – and don’t forget to wash your hands before you go back in to your plants.

Then, continue to watch the plants closely and remove any leaves showing signs of mold growth.

If you inspect your plants several times each day (not when they’re sleeping, though), you’ll notice any new mold growth quickly and you can take care of it right away.

If you let the mold grow, however, your crop will be ruined. Do not let a mold-hill turn into mountain.

Even though a humidity level of around 45% is desired, I find that keeping it around 20% prevents mold from growing and the buds dry quicker during the curing stage.

According to some THC will be lost with lower humidity levels and that may be true. All I can tell  you is this; I get ripped smoking a little of higher humidity weed and I get ripped smoking a little low humidity weed so to me, it makes more sense lowering the humidity.


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