All About CBD Oil For Pets


Since it was legalized, marijuana has become even more popular. It was trendy before, but now there are a ton of farms popping up just to keep up with the consumption. This also caused people to be creative, and many new products are joining the market. Marijuana-infused water, different types of edibles, honey products, as well as oils.


All of these remedies are intended for different purposes. There aren’t detailed statistics on whether people are using it medicinally or for their own pleasure. However, the benefits can’t be denied. But, people have been asking all over the Internet whether these products help their pets too. Veterinarians all over the world are doing research to find out more. Click here to read more.


For now, we know some things based on people giving their pets some products and seeing how they react. There is a lot of information out there, but almost all of it is positive. Even vets are approving of this trend because there are seldom any side effects.


What is CBD?


First things first, you need to know what CBD is. It’s also known as cannabidiol, and it’s an organic compound found in the hemp plant. It’s incredibly healthy and homeopathic. You shouldn’t confuse it with THC since that’s what most people think about when somebody says marijuana. THC is the psychoactive part of the plant. It also has some homeopathic benefits, but it also gets you high.


Regarding pets, this can be a bit dangerous since you don’t know how they can react. So you should never give them the plant to chew or smoke. Some people have done that, and that calls for an immediate visit to the vet. It stays in their systems for up to two days, so opt for pet-related products.


When and what should you give them?


If your pet is old, they are likely to experience pain. If they used to play a lot when they were younger and not now, you can give them a few drops of CBD oil. This will make them happier. It will also make them play again since they won’t be feeling the pain. As well as that, it can be a treatment for anxiety and epilepsy.


If there are events that trigger anxiety in your pets, you can give it to them beforehand. For example, that can be getting in a car, loud noises like traffics and kids playing outside. Sometimes even fireworks on the 4th of July can trigger anxiety. Implement the oil half an hour before the event. A few drops below their tongue, and they won’t be bothered by it. Check out holistapet.com for more details.

Now, there are many different types of products on the market. There are different types of edibles, creams as well as oils. Based on the research that has been done, the best option is to use oils. They have the longest-lasting effects, as well as the highest concentration in the blood. As well as that, they are the safest.


Also, keep in mind that you should buy products made specifically for pets. The ones intended for humans have much higher doses. As well as that, some edibles can contain artificial sweeteners, which can be potentially dangerous for your dog or cat. All of the things you use should be organic, or at least laboratory tested to make sure they are free of pesticides.


You should always consult with your vet before starting this kind of therapy. If your pet has any type of liver problems, it’s best not to give them CBD products, since they are metabolized there.


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